Regarding crows and love

Just to the left of my desk is a window.  A window you can often find me looking out when I should be doing other tasks.  There is just so much to see out there beyond the window.
Recently two large, black crows sitting side by side on a wire beyond that window caught my attention.  The one on the left was squawking and carrying on looking at the crow on the right.  The crow on the right had no response.  The loud crow would pause and then start right back in again as if scolding its friend on the wire.  The poor crow on the receiving end of the outburst just hung its head and looked away.  The apparent scolding kept up until finally the cranky crow left and flew to another nearby wire. 
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My eyes were fixed on the dejected crow.  It just sat there with no movement.  No lifting his head.  No looking for the friend that had left.   
After a short while a third crow appeared and just sat beside the sad and dejected looking one.  They both just sat there.  After a little time had passed the sad crow lifted his head and looked up again.  Hope was restored.   
And I thought - how often do we spend our time nagging and scolding when maybe we should just come along side someone and simply love them…



  1. Very nice story Mindy. I didn't know you had this blog. Just reading your 'About Me" tells me you are a gifted sesquipedalian. I'll follow you on Pinterest.

    Your admiring cousin,
    Barb H.

    1. Barb - you are my first official commenter! Thanks for checking out the blog. It's a new adventure for me. Pinterest is a great place for saving ideas. I hope you have fun with it.

  2. Love this Mindy. Very true.