A cover up

Sometimes, try as you may, there is just no beauty to be found.  Such is the case with this:

This is our very unattractive electrical box cover.  It's to the right of our back door in the kitchen and on display for all to see.  Depending on the decor of the kitchen at the time we have covered it with a wooden printers tray, a fabric calendar and a, fortunate to find, picture that fit the space.  Since our recent updates to the kitchen I have needed a new cover-up and, inspired by some printed pillows on Pinterest, was able to come up with this quick fix.

I first had the Mr. put together a simple wooden frame slightly wider than the box and somewhat longer to coordinate with the objects on the adjacent wall.  I decided to use a piece of drop cloth to cover the frame measuring it to overlap just slightly. 

Next step was attaching the drop cloth to the frame with a staple gun.  (This is a view of the finished product from the back since I neglected to get a photo for this step.)

The next step was creating a pattern on the computer.  I used Edwardian Script ITC font, size 280 in lower case in Microsoft Word.  There was no need to use bold print with this size font!  It took a couple tries to come up with the right sizing before settling on this and printing it out.  I then cut around each word making it easier to arrange them on the canvas I created. 

Living in the Pacific Northwest we often have gray skies so this saying seemed very appropriate!  

Next up was placing them on the canvas and slipping a small piece of tracing paper below and tracing the outline of the letters with a pen.  (I chose to staple the fabric on the frame before this step so I had to place books underneath to create a hard surface to work on.  Doing it over again I think I may choose to create the canvas completely before attaching to the frame.)

Now on to the paint.  I used regular craft paint and did not add a fabric medium.  They went on well for me and I ended up using two coats of each color. 

The colors I chose showed up well on the drop cloth canvas and the use of gray for the word "gray" and yellow for the "sunshine" was a fun touch! 

The finished product:

A much more beautiful space with little time and little money involved.  Even with gray skies, this makes me happy!





  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I am an absolute dud when it comes to decorating, so this is inspiring. I'm also cheap...I mean, frugal...so this might actually happen for me! You have a really lovely blog! Nice to meet you. :)

    1. Thank you so much! This blog is a new adventure for me so I have a lot to learn.

  2. Mindy Dear,
    You are, indeed, very talented and inspiring. Such a warm thought..we are related!
    Barb H.

  3. Thanks Barb - you are an encouragement indeed!

  4. What a great job! So creative and looks so much better.