The Blue Scissors

In our house we have a junk drawer.    A drawer full of junk.  A space where we gather the "bits and bobs "of our household that seem to have no other place.  (Please tell me you have one too!)  Inside you will find tape, regular and masking, a ruler, a measuring tape, a calculator, a mini stapler, matches, a glue stick, super glue, AAA and AA batteries, a screw driver and a deck of cards. 

From time to time other things that have no home or, let's face it, we are too lazy to put elsewhere find their way inside.  This may or may not include a rubber band from a newspaper, a business card, a paint brush, a cellophane wrapped car found at the bottom of the cereal box and possibly a bread crumb or two (smile).

But the star of the drawer has always been a pair of blue handled shears - aka The Blue Scissors.  And yes, they deserve to be capitalized.  Honestly I don't remember when we got them.  It seems as if they have always been there ready and waiting for the job at hand.  We have used them to cut out school photos, clip coupons, prune flowers and trim art projects.  They have been glued and gummed up numerous times and with a quick washing seem good as new. 

The problem with The Blue Scissors is that they seem to have a mind of their own and tend to wander off now and again.  This has been a problem off and on over many years.  Nobody takes them, No One ever misplaces them and Somebody always blames Another.  

They are never gone for long though and always reappear to be used another day.  That is until a few months ago.  They disappeared, vanished completely!  Dspite looking everywhere I could think of and hoping for their return, they were just gone. 

I tried a pair of old, black handled ones from a desk drawer but they didn't stand up to the abuse.  We used a tiny pair from the pencil cup but they couldn't stand the pressure.  Finally, resolved they were not coming back, I replaced them with a lighter blue handled pair from a tool kit.  They were a second best to The Blue Scissors but we were moving on.

Then, mysteriously, a couple weeks ago, without warning at all, I reached in to get the light blue handled pair and there they were:  THE Blue Scissors!  Oh the joy! 

I immediately began to spread the news and speculate who returned them but no one would fess up.  Me?  I am chalking it up to a (September) Christmas miracle of sorts.