Going Deep

This is part 3 of 3 in the series Getting Wet (read here), Diving In (read here), Going Deep.
Some years back we had the wonderful experience of visiting Hawaii.  It was a pretty big deal for this country girl who had never even flown on a plane before!  We got to do all the tourist things like visiting the open air market, touring the pineapple fields and a very moving visit to Pearl Harbor.  But the main attraction was, of course, the lovely sandy beaches and the beautiful ocean views.  Falling asleep to the roar of the ocean and waking to the lapping waves was beyond amazing. 
Our trip was with my husband's brother and his wife.  The two guys didn't waste any time hitting the water, which was warm - a vast difference from the ocean waters of the Pacific Northwest!  I watched for a while with my sister-in-law before she made the move.  The water looked so inviting.  I finally put my brave face on and ventured in.  The beach we were staying at was a private beach miles from the tourists and a bit less user friendly.  The shore was less gradual and the waves were a bit bigger.  I splashed around a bit before the overwhelming fear hit.  I didn't come all these miles just to drown in the ocean!  Faced with sink or swim, I decided to relax into the waves rather than fight them, to rise and fall with them.  And that I did, until my husband came to hold on to me, and hand me a boogie board to float with...
For an edge of the pool girl, by nature, it would be much easier to remain there, on the edge.  But compassion calls out and His love compels me to move.  Love says ignore the stale smoke and endless complaining and really listen to the hurting neighbor still in her housecoat mid afternoon.  Love says visit the widow in the nursing home even though you don't really know her or know what you will say.  Love says gather up all the dirty dishes in the tiny trailer with no current running water even though your head is pounding and even if she asks you to take them home in her garbage can.  Love says don't just scratch the surface: Get wet, dive in, go deep. 
Getting wet, diving in, and going deep, looks different for us all - a place out of our comfort zone, a place where love stored up is poured out; a place of not being able to do it in our own strength, a place where God dwells in us, with us and takes us deeper. 
Going deep is letting go - and when we let go...we are held.  We float in total surrender and relaxation.  We go deep and we find peace waiting there for us. 
The waves crash in, out and in again.  I remain on shore with fear and trepidation.
Believe me.
There is beauty before me, compassion within.
Follow me.
One toe in, one toe out.
Trust me.
I wade in deeper, the shoreline becomes distant.
Know me.
Floating freely, I find peace in surrender.
Love through me.
Thank you for following along for this three part series - praying we all get wet more often, shake off fear more easily, dive in more readily, let go and love deeply more eagerly.

 "I believed Him on the shore but I knew Him in the deep."  
(Quote attributed to both Angie Smith and Donald Miller)
"...The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love."
Galatians 5:6
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  1. Hawai, I want to visit there one day, love beaches, happy Wednesday! :)

  2. "His love compels me to move". Oh yes! Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Brew!

  3. Hi Mindy! Your husband is just the sweetest guy! He knew exactly what you needed to get comfortable with getting in the water. I think that's what the Father does too. He wants us to 'swim' and we want to stay put. But he'll find that way to get us engaged in his work.

    I really liked the weaving of the words with water and God's call to you. That was really beautiful. Calling you to overcome fear. We all need that.
    Just lovely Mindy. I really enjoyed your series!

  4. Hawaii is my favorite place on earth. (Hapuna Beach, to be exact). Had a similar experience with snorkeling but unlike you, I couldn't overcome my fear so I missed out. Too often in my spiritual life I miss out due to fear of the exact things you mentioned. Thanks for the gentle kick in the seat, Mindy!

  5. Oh, but I long to fight this:
    "Love says don't just scratch the surface: Get wet, dive in, go deep."
    But I know that going deep brings us the greatest satisfaction as we realize our total dependency on the Lord and his grace that sustains us. Thanks for the encouragement to do the yucky things that aren't appealing to our flesh, but that nourish our spirit (and others' spirits too).

  6. Oh, Mindy! This is an absolutely beautiful and inspiring post. We need to do the next right thing in love when we don't want to, when we don't see the point, when we don't thing the person will appreciate it or deserves one more thing. Jesus does one more thing for me over and over and over and over. Hugs!

  7. You never fail to move me with your beautiful words, Mindy. I am learning so much from you and feel very blessed to know you. Such a heartwarming, uplifting post - thank you!

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed this 3 part series. A good reminder for me.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  9. Love the perspective of that photo!

    "I believed Him on the shore but I knew Him in the deep."

    And this quote...wow.

  10. Thank you, dear Mindy, for the 3 posts. My heart was truly blessed after reading each one. I appreciate you, friend :) Happy weekend!

  11. Hi Mindy,
    I didnt know how else to contact you except through your comments box. I saw you comment on my blog about wanting a copy of my A to Z book. I will need your snail mail address. You can send it to me via the contact box at the very bottom of my blog (in the the brown area). Those messages go to my private email. Or you can contact me through a private message on Facebook. Thanks!

  12. Hello sweet Mindy! I just received your kind comment on my blog and since I don't know what your email address is I thought I would give you mine. It's kekepania525@gmail.com. I will wait to hear from you then give you the info you would like :)

    Have I told you lately what a sweetheart you are and how thankful I am for you! Have a great night - hugs!

  13. Hi, Mindy. I'm here from Amy's #RiskRejection challenge -- and so glad I read your words today. I'm at the beginning of my latest huge step out of my comfort zone, and I found encouragement here. The paragraph with example of "uncomfortable" love is very powerful. Thank you.