Getting wet, diving in, going deep

Part 2:  Diving in
Somewhat mastering the art of getting wet (you can read part one "Getting wet" here), my parents signed me up for more advanced swimming lessons.  The several week course would end with a "lifesavers" test which included swimming a certain number of laps back and forth across the pool and treading water, both preceded by a DIVE off the board.  So there I stand, a soaking wet, much less than a 98 pound weakling, looking up at the ladder.  One step, then another and soon I am at the end of the board.  Fear is raising her ugly head; a part of me wants to turn and flee.  But there is something beckoning me into that warm water.  So I raise my arms ever so slowly, legs forcing my feet into the air, and I dive...
It was a cool summers evening and the church kids were running in and out of the fellowship hall, the men chatting just outside the sanctuary and us ladies near the kitchen.  There was lots of catching up going on followed by just a bit of commotion as one young mother asked if someone could please drive her to the hospital.  Her husband was away for his job and she had no other family nearby.  She was bleeding and fearful of a miscarriage.  I was fearful too as my heart suddenly volunteered before my mouth could protest.  So I raised my arm to signal and ever so slowly, legs forcing my feet toward her, I dove...
We make small talk to fill the 10 minutes to our rural hospital and before long we are back in the car, a wee life lost before one breath breathed.  We sit in silence, in the black night bathed only by the glow of the Emergency entrance sign.  Just her, and me, and Jesus.  I reach for her hand because what can you say when a mother loses a child not yet born.  Tears are spilled and prayers are prayed.  Fear raises her ugly head, but Love is greater.  So as faith arises we leap, diving headfirst into the unknown.  And Jesus meets us there.  Every.  Single.  Time. 
Stay tuned for part 3: going deep 

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  1. I'm your neighbor at Jennifer Lee's. What you did here was so brave and wonderful. To suffer a loss like that alone would have doubled the devastation. You were Jesus to her in those moments.

  2. This story makes me cry. I'm glad you were there with her, you and Jesus. Truth: "Fear raises her ugly head, but Love is greater."

  3. This was just so beautiful and what I needed to read today. Right now. Been wondering why I didn't act on something. Fear. Thanks for reminding me that Love is always greater!

  4. So many times our timid, fearful, reluctant steps are all it takes to put the love of Jesus into action. Bless you for being a blessing.

  5. Mindy,
    So glad you dove in, and were there for her....being the arms of Jesus to her...beautiful :)

  6. Bless you for being there for her in such a difficult time of grief.

    I want to wish you and your husband a happy anniversary and Valentine's Day.

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  8. No doubt that difficult evening will stay in that woman's heart forever but what she will also remember is her gratitude for your comfort and support, Mindy.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. In your writing, you always manage to remind us of the things we have been taught but seldom put into practice. Hugs!

  9. Had too many typo in the first one, lol.

  10. Hi Mindy! What a beautiful study in 'diving in'. I love all the experiences you had, but especially with the young mom in the car. Imagine having no one to sit with, to grieve with. But then God chose you, because he knew you could do it. And you'd be great at it too.

    Because you were willing, you were used. Good thing to think about today for me. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories. I love them!
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  11. Mindy:
    You inspired me to write this:

  12. Oh Mindy. Your friend was so lucky to have someone like you with her. I'm sure your kind words and prayers were a balm to her.