Meet Fiona

Just because you no longer have any children at home doesn't mean those mothering instincts simply disappear.  And because mother's still need to care for something we find other ways to fulfill that desire.  

Some become Grandmother's and cuddle those babies close.  Of course we have no control over that season of life or if it comes at all - though it doesn't stop the hints ; )  

Other's reach out to neighbors, get involved with a church nursery or Sunday school program. Some volunteer at their local schools.  

A few get involved in Foster Care (Oh, bless them Lord - just bless them!).  

Many seem to adopt pets that need way less care than a child because, well, they are a bit tired from all the hard mothering.  

Me?  I seem to have taken to "adopting" indoor plants.  I enjoy gardening outdoors.  But that is seasonal.  They really only need me about a third of the year.  

So, yep the indoor plant "collection" is growing.  As of this very moment I have 11.  That is a lot to some and not many to other's.  

I have long admired the beautiful fiddle leaf figs but I have also read the horror stories of caring for the fickle gals.  I have also checked the prices and the ones I drool over are just really out of my budget - especially when you are not sure of how they will adapt to your environment.  

But then I saw her.  She was in the middle of a pallet of other's but she stood out.  It's like our eyes met and she willed me to bring her home.  AND she was only $19.99.  Done!  Except I could not find a cart nearby for the life of me.  I literally ran outside to the garden department while my baby waited inside.  There in the corner was an abandonment cart that I snapped up and made my way back where, wonder of wonders, she was still there.  I moved all the others (they must have been so jealous of her beauty - what with her dark green leaves and new growth just starting) and joyously picked her up and twirled her into the cart.  

We brought her home (Mr. Husband making sure to leave the windows of the truck down just a bit to make her happy) and sat her in her new pot.  She seemed okay but I had the feeling that she needed more.  Girls often do.  A plant of her stature deserved to be showed off.  So, as I often do, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and settled on a look for a plant stand which woodworker husband got busy on.

The final outcome is just perfect and she seems very happy so far.  I am letting her adapt to her new surroundings before I actually take her out of her plastic pot and plant her in the new one.  

She is getting the filtered light recommended and I have a watering schedule worked out that I hope works well.  I stroke her leaves when I walk by and have a dust cloth handy in case she needs a little cleaning.  

And her name:  Fiona.  Fiona the fickle fiddle leaf fig.  I might even talk to her now and again. Maybe...You can ask her but she will deny it.  She is loyal like that (grin).  

Have any of you grown or own a fiddle leaf fig?  Any suggestions for me?    



  1. Lovely plant and stand. Your husband is quite handy and made a lovely stand. I did not know those were called Fiddle leaf Fig. I learned something today.
    Mothering skills never go away.

  2. Your latest addition to the family - Fi Fig is a stunner, she's a real looker already!
    Fun post :)
    Wren x

  3. LOL, I was chuckling throughout Fiona's story, Mindy. She's definitely a looker and fits in beautifully with your family.
    I am not a great indoor plant person but I did once have a jade tree that was so happy it actually flowered.
    I'll be looking forward to more of Fiona's Follies!

  4. What a beautiful plant Mindy, I love her story......

  5. HI MINDY!! Your little adoptee looks very healthy! I think you two will get along very well. I could just see you flying along in the truck with Fiona's leaves blowing in the wind.
    Your website is so pretty! I love your new photo, and the layout here. Congrats on the web design!
    It's good to be back visiting here :)