Giving Thanks Friday

This week I am thankful for: 

The first stalks of rhubarb gathered from the garden and baked into a crunchy, fruity crisp warm from the oven and topped with cold vanilla ice cream.  Sigh...

Birthday celebrations for my Dad(#75 - where has the time went) and our son-in-law (very far from #75).  Love them both so much.

The perfect breeze on a mild day of sunshine - perfect for laundry on the line.

The kind young Japanese men (each with their own cart full of groceries) insisting I go ahead of them in line with a repeated outstretched hand gesturing toward the check out and an insistent, "Please".  Due to a severe language barrier my response was a return gesture of a smile and a simple, "Thank you".    

The first strawberries of the season picked fresh from our patch, rinsed and eaten as is.

A day of "puttering" (Do people even use that word anymore?).  Days are often full of chores and errands and on and on...but a day with nothing I really "have" to do allows me to putter about, rearrange and straighten without cleaning, browse the internet for ideas rather than paying bills, read, rest and dream.

My own web address for the blog (and grateful help with it - thanks Linda).  You can now find me at or continue to use the blogspot address as well.    


What are you thankful for?

May your weekend be filled with wonder, laced with peace and bursting with love...

(Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good: his love endures forever. Psalm 118:1) 



  1. I love puttering. You can often achieve much while apparently doing nothing.

  2. YAY! You are now the proud owner of! Love it, Mindy!
    I have always wished I was your neighbour especially in the summer months. I would bring you a pasta dinner and ask if I could roam through your garden, lol. Things are slow here but I did get my first rhubarb yesterday and I'm planning to make a compote this weekend. Strawberries will be awhile but I'm with you, I'll eat them all by themselves - same with raspberries.
    Love this post, Mindy. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

  3. I finally have rhubarb growing this year. And I love to go out and pick strawberries...I usually just rinse them while I'm watering the garden and pop them right into my mouth. And our raspberries are ripening as well. It's such a fun season!

  4. It was a joy to spend a few quiet moments visiting with you, dear Mindy. How I enjoy your sweet posts.

    Congratulations on having your OWN website {{smiles}}

    Thinking of you and wishing you a blessed Sunday. Love and hugs!

  5. Yay for having your own domain! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. You have had many thanksgiving moments, all of them wonderful in their way. A smile means the same in any language and I'm sure your Japanese young men knew exactly what you meant.


  7. Such a pretty look into your life. Rhubarb and strawberries - yum! "Puttering" - Yes! :-) A good descriptive word. Hooray for English. Aging parents - bittersweet. Sweet to still have them. Bitter that they are so close the end of their journey here.

    The main thing I'm thankful for today is that we have been spared the weather catastrophes that some other people in our state have experienced over the last few days! Also, I'm thankful for family that lives close and enjoys spending time together. :-)

  8. Hi Mindy, love these posts, they are always so positive. Happy Birthday to your father and son-in-law. How wonderful that you grow your own rhubarb, I'm guessing that your garden is pretty impressive. Hope you and your family are having a carefree long week-end.

  9. My rhubarb is bursting! Thanks for the idea of a crisp! I'll be making some this weekend - it's supposed to rain Sunday, so making a fruit crisp will be the perfect dessert to a rainy day.
    I "puttered" yesterday too! Landed up hemming some curtains, weeding a bit and generally relaxing from a busy schedule. I just love the images puttering conjures.

  10. How fantastic your grown your own rhubarb..A cobbler would be fantastic. Such a sweet post Mindy. So many things to be thankful for. Enjoy your own domain. It was my pleasure to set it up. Happy weekend.

  11. Oh what beautiful rhubarb! My mom used to make strawberry-rhubarb cobblers and pies...YUM! A sweet childhood memories is breaking a stalk off, bring it in the house and rinse it off and dip it right in the sugar bowl and eat it! :)

  12. I just pulled all of my rhubarb up day before yesterday. My neighbor was wanting to make jam. I only have two plants but they grow make very fast. I'm sure I will be blessed with a pretty jar of jam very soon :)

  13. Thanks for your visit Mindy. Our 4th was quiet. It was good to relax. Have a great week.