What I learned in January (2016)

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This month I learned:

When you visit the drive-thru with your daughter for a quick lunch of a veggie burrito and drink and she says she doesn't want anything, don't believe her.  We made it as far as the parking lot when (because "it smells so good") we got back in the line and went through for ANOTHER veggie burrito and drink.  The nice worker pretended not to notice we were just there for the exact same thing a few cars ago.  

A lovely lady might stop you outside World Market to tell you that you have a "nice face", which I thought was nice.  Until she turns up in both the aisles you are looking in.  Then it feels weird and you decide to stay in the same aisles as your husband.  In her defense she was probably the nicest of ladies.  But she could have also been an ax murder - you just never know (grin). 

Sometimes all you need on a rainy, dreary afternoon is a sweet movie and a pair of warm, fuzzy socks on your cold feet.  

Chef Chloe Coscarelli isn't just another pretty face.  That girl can cook some serious vegan food.  You can find her web site and information on her books as well as find many recipes to try HERE.  

There is just something to be said for the soothing sounds of vintage vinyl.  My parents added their collection to my pretty dismal one and I am SO enjoying the vast array of tunes.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

No matter what you have been facing, don't give up, don't give in, just keep holding on to Jesus because He will see you through.  January was a fresh beginning after a year that saw some tough battles and mighty bruises.  With that battle came a final surrender (why do I fight on my own so long...) and with surrender, as He takes up the battle I was not meant to fight, comes peace. The Peace that passes all understanding, the Peace that sustains my heart, heals it whole again.

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The hillside near the bottom of our road (and the main, albeit only 2 lane, highway) slid twice in the past week or so but those wonderful Department of Transportation workers were willing to brave the weather and even work into the dark to get one lane back open for traffic.  Bless your hearts!  I usually avoid the highway, but many depend on it, and instead cross the bridge over the river and take the "scenic route" - but that road is also down to one lane in a section due to a massive sinkhole.  Hmmm maybe I will just be staying home for a while...

Happy almost February to you all!    

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  1. I enjoyed this post Mindy, especially the part about that peace thing...that passes all understanding....the one favorite promises of God that I cling to! It sounds like you learned some good things in January. Oh, about those windows of mine....I only washed the ones (inside) where the bird feeders were hanging so I didn't get the crud in the photos :) Happy February!!

  2. Yes, to a rainy day movie and fuzzy socks! And, yes, the surrendering to him.

  3. Oh, my hubby just bought me some warm fuzzy socks because I always get cold feet, even today in the middle of summer. I'm just about to get into a warm bath to warm them up. surrendering is not always easy, but what a difference it makes. Have a good week.


  4. That story of the nice face lady made me laugh! Hahah...what in the world.

  5. As always you make me smile, laugh out loud and leave me with something to ponder.
    I had a lady following me around WalMart one time and I got very nervous when she showed up behind me in the checkout line. Then she pokes me and says, 'For heaven's sakes, don't you recognize me?" It was a friend from primary school, lol. Of course I didn't recognize you. Sheesh!
    Careful on those roads, friend. Enjoy the weekend :)

  6. Yikes on the hillslides...tis the season. Before Christmas we had a major sinkhole in town that caused a lot of problems. And last year there were a couple major hillslides that caused 84 to close.

  7. Hi Mindy, read about the sink hole kind of scary. Your daughter sounds like me I always say no I'm fine and then a few minutes later I want some, so funny, another great month. Take care my friend, XO Cheri

  8. This was an enjoyable read. :-)
    What kind of vintage vinyl do you listen to? My parents had a stack of records when I was growing up. My dad still has some of it.

  9. Mindy....I accidentally deleted your email earlier and I haven't been able to recover it. Can you email me again?

  10. Love the movie and fuzzy socks image, Mindy! Sounds like God has brought a lot of us through some challenging times this past year. Blessings to you. You are a blessing to me.

  11. A fun post, Mindy. Which sweet movie did you watch?

  12. Hi Mindy! I'm so glad you are past the really tough year of 2015. God bless your way in the new one. May peace be yours.
    I probably take outside workers too much for granted, your thankfulness to the workers on your road reminded me of that. We just had a group of guys trim all the parkway trees in the neighborhood. Quite the mess. But you know, they have to work outside all day, while I drink hot tea in my house.

    What a hoot about the woman in the store! (You do have a 'nice face' btw.) Isn't that always the way? I love World Market too. So many fun things to see. Hope you found something fun.
    It's always good to see you here Mindy. Have a wonderful Sunday :)