It may not be your traditional math equation but in my world it works perfectly!

Take ONE trailing green plant in a sad plastic pot,

Add THREE bits of crafty supplies: 

a clay terracotta pot,
a jar of black craft paint
a spool of jute rope.

Combine them all to equal ONE bit of happy.  
It perfectly fills the spot above a narrow pony (half) wall between the kitchen and living room that was in need of "something".

(Does anyone else spy the mini tootsie rolls from my husband's candy dish?)

My initial plans were to do a fancier macrame design but after seeing that the plant would cover most of it (and let's be honest my skills in this area are a bit rusty), I decided to go with a simple design.

I am happy and the plant seems to be doing well in it's new home.

You can take the girl out of the "70's but I guess you can't take the "70's out of the girl!   



  1. I could never get the hang of macrame but my eldest daughter was really into it. Your plant hanger turned out beautifully. Take care.


  2. Wonderful! This reminds me of my old macrame days from the 70's...hmmm...I wonder if I can still remember how to do that? I sure did a lot of it! This version works good too...looks great!

  3. That IS a fancy macrame design to me, Mindy, lol. I love this and no doubt your plant will thrive under your care. I love when we can create something special out of things that are already around the house :)

  4. HI MINDY! I remember my macrame plant holders. I had an enormous spider plant that dropped down all over. It was so pretty!
    I like the black color on the pot. Will the craft paint hold up to watering the plant? I'd always be concerned that I'd water it and have a sink full of black paint :(
    I didn't see your husband's stash until you pointed it out. He can have the tootsie rolls. If they were peanut m & m's? We'd have a problem!

  5. Hi Mindy, wow! does macramé bring up memories, we used to have some beautiful hanging spider plants. What a clever project, and yes I see your husbands tootsie rolls, how funny..........

  6. Great job, Mindy! I SO remember macrame and I think we made a project in girl scouts.

  7. Macrame!! Oh my gosh, my grandma used to make orange and avocado green plant holders for us by the dozens. I loved the little wooden beads at the bottom. I love your design - very hip and 2015. :)

  8. I have to admit that macrame is the one craft I did not expect (or wish) to come back. But now I want to give it a try :-) This is excellent.