Now and Later

Picking a bouquet of lavender from the garden to bring inside for right now.

(It smells so wonderful.)

Gathering more to dry for later.

(A sachet perhaps?  A lavender wand?)

Picking blueberries warm from the sun now.

(Hard to resist letting them "fall" right into my mouth.)

Ready to wash, air dry and  freeze to use
in smoothies, muffins and more later.

(The fresh taste of berries in winter is such a treat.)

Whole grain blueberry pancakes for breakfast this very moment.

(Only one bite left...)

For all you regular readers, I am planning to take the month of July off for vacation, family gatherings, gardening, projects, rest and refreshing.  I hope to see you back in August as I endeavor to search for beauty in the ordinary, blessing in the extraordinary.



  1. HI MINDY!! You are so lucky to have blueberries now. We have to wait until the end of July/beginning of August to pick our berries. Yours look so good! Yum....
    Enjoy your blog break my friend. I'll miss you, but I know how necessary they are. Keep on finding the beauty my friend. It's there for the finding :)

  2. Hi Mindy, your blueberries look wonderful, love the PNW this time of year, actually always. Have a great time enjoying your time off......

  3. Sweet Mindy, you are a breath of fresh air, my friend! How wonderful that you are taking the month of July off. I hope you have beautiful and relaxing summer. I, too, have thought about taking some time off from blogging....maybe towards the end of July :)

    I am so glad the card arrived :) Yes, the stitching is darling, isn't it! A blogging friend gave it to me as a "Thank You" when I made a purchase from her Etsy shop.

    Take care, dear Mindy. Love and hugs!

  4. A lavender wand?! I want one of those!

    Have a restful and productive month off! I'll be thinking of you,


  5. Dearest Mindy ~ Those blueberries look delicious! I just love blueberries, probably my favorite berry. When we lived in Ontario Canada we would camp and then pick wild blueberries up north, oooh so good, especially with cream.
    Enjoy your time off and I look forward to you returning with a fresh new out look. :-)

    I'm hoping to get back at blogging real soon. I posted a couple of posts since my dad's passing, but having a hard time returning.
    Thank you for your sweet visit and tender words.
    You are always a blessing.

    Much love ~ Debbie

  6. Hi Mindy, Nothing better than fresh picked lavender for bouquets and blueberries. Enjoy your time off and feel refreshed.

  7. Such a beautiful post with lovely images, Mindy. Your photos are so pretty and it makes me want to visit your back yard and just take it all in. The lavender is so lovely! And blueberries - YUM!
    Enjoy your time off, friend. Sent you an email :)

  8. Enjoy your break! We will miss you!

  9. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us. I love lavender!

  10. hello, there! i am finally making it back into the blog world, and you are going on vacation... it will give me time to catch up! xoxo

    i can almost smell that lavender! and the blue of those berries has my mouth craving something tangy sweet. summer!

  11. Oh my goodness your lavender is so pretty and those blueberries look amazing!! Hope you have a great month off and look forward to seeing you back in August!

  12. Yummmm looks delicious and the lavender is beautiful! Love it!