Whose I am

Time finds me
caught up
the busy thoughts
of who I am not...

all to the 
of who and Whose
I am.

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  And that is what we are!"  
I John 3:1 (NIV)

I took these pictures at our local daffodil/tulip farm a fews weeks ago.  Such a fun place to visit!. A great place to enjoy God's creation and remind me of the beauty He finds in us - His children.

My mom doing her best Vanna White impression.

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  1. This post was timely! Who I am, not what I am not....

  2. Lol! Your Mom is adorable, and does Vanna White well.
    Tulips are my most favorite flower, they just don't last long.
    What a beautiful place to go and visit,I would love that place.

    Your thoughts are lovely to ponder on, Mindy.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my anniversary post. I always enjoy having a visit from you.

    Bless you, Debbie

  3. Busy thoughts of who we are not - I like how visual that is - it is so good to let go of who we aren't and discover the beauty of who we are - through Him!

    The tulip farm looks like so much fun! I bet you two had a wonderful time! It sure looks like it!

  4. Such an important reminder this morning, Mindy! Thank you. I really appreciate the pictures too. I'm missing flowers and blooming a great deal and am so ready to see them again. I love the shot of your cute mommy in her Vanna pose :)!

  5. It's true when we remember who we are and WHOSE we are, we can realize who we are not. Such encouragement here, Mindy. Thank you.

  6. Such words of wisdom, Mindy. I too often think of what I am not also, but I need to remember more who I am. And Whose I am. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to visit!

  7. MINDY!! Hello my flower-loving friend :)
    I just did a post on getting a bit down over my appearance, which I can connect to your thoughts about "who I am not" and "who I am". I love that Scripture, calling us children of God. And to underline it, John says "yet, so we are!" An amazing thought.

    I hope you have a few tulips poking their heads up at your place. My jonquils finally decided to bloom, and it always makes me feel like Spring has sprung.
    Say 'hi' to Vanna for me!

  8. The pictures are gorgeous as in your mother!! I’m checking my tulips daily and they haven’t bloomed yet. Maybe tomorrow…

  9. Hello sweet friend! Your mom is absolutely precious....just like you :) Your posts {like all of your posts} was such a blessing to read...a refreshment to my heart. And your images are stunning! I enjoyed seeing the happy colors.

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Hugs!

  10. Love your mom, Mindy! You two look so much alike :)
    Such beautiful, colourful pictures with so much meaning packed into a few words. When are you going to start writing your first novel? You have it in you, you know!
    Thank you for the smiles and warm thoughts today and every time I visit. Take good care!

  11. Well, there you are! Somehow since you reset your blog, I was not following you on this one. When you would comment on my blog and I would click on your link, it took me to your google + page with really old posts on it...nothing current. I just followed you on this one so we'll see how that goes! This is a really sweet post, Mindy. I would practically give anything to be able to take my mom to a tulip farm...they are so beautiful and your mom is just a doll! Happy spring!

  12. Why oh why do we go there? To what we are NOT, I mean? Repeat with me, "Daughter of the King, Fiercely loved by God....." Truth.