Red,White & Blue...and Yellow

We lined the streets to honor those who serve and have served.
 The marching band played

 and the cheer leaders thanked.

There were the respectful
and the respected.
The tired...
and the retired. 
The poopers
and the scoopers.
 Riding proud were the past 
and the present.
Walking tall -
the future.
There were patriotic weiner dogs
and candy tossing kids with goats.
 A heartfelt Star Spangled Banner followed by
Amazing Grace.


The red, white and blue waved
from back of Jeeps 
and homes of those who have given,
 and lost their son.
Our hero.
And leaving town for home
a yellow ribbon
for those still waiting...

*On a day where we are so thankful to those who have served/are serving on behalf of our country, many of them are on the ground right now in the Philippines assisting in the aftermath of the recent typhoon.  First and foremost the Philippine nation needs our prayers.  They also need our assistance.  Writer/Blogger Amy Sullivan has shared some inspiring ways to do both.  Check out her recent post for more information:

**This is posting the day after Veteran's Day due to an outage of our internet service yesterday. 



  1. This was beautiful, my friend! Thank you for sharing - I am so thankful for our men and women that have served and continue to serve! Blessing to you! Hugs

  2. Hi Mindy! Your town does so much for Veterans Day. So inspiring! And the day looked so bright too. It was a good day here too, and my husband was happy. He's an ex-Marine, and our daughter publicly thanked him for his service. So sweet!

    God bless all of our service men and women. What courageous souls they are.
    Happy Wednesday! So glad that your internet service was restored :)