Giving Thanks Friday

This week I am thankful for:

A wonderful, rural community of people who band together in tragedy and celebrate in triumph.

The gift of a wonderful mother in law and a party of family and Mexican food to celebrate her 80th Birthday. 

A beautiful niece who wandered far and is now getting the help she needs.   

Great friends with listening ears and generous hearts.

Memories of loved ones, who have left us for their forever home, and silly things, like the bucket above (*see below),  they left behind that make us smile when we remember. 

What are you thankful for?

May your weekend be filled with many reasons to give thanks!

*My grandad used to keep this bucket outside his house and would toss in weeds as he found them while wandering the yard.  I have other special things that were his but love using this on a daily basis as a waste can in our bathroom.  It came to me in the exact condition above and I love it all chipped and perfect.  And if he saw me using it indoors and, even more silly, posting a picture of it for people to look at, he would think I was crazy!  Miss him, I do...



  1. Ooh, today I am thankful for fluffy clouds, children playing outdoors for HOURS, and a bed with my name on it. :)

    p.s. I LOVE the title of your blog!!

    1. Kara, I would love some of those fluffy clouds to make their way to my house - I want to play outdoors! And thanks for the blog name love...

  2. I am thankful for two beautiful labrador retrievers who make me laugh every day. They also make me run with them because they have boundless energy.
    I am thankful for the nephews and nieces in my life and their good health.
    I am thankful for the birds I heard singing and the lone robin that appeared in the backyard today. Beautiful!

    I agree with Kara. Your blog title is fabulous, Mindy!

    1. All great things to be thankful for Robyn ~ fitting that YOU would love robin's : ) They are pretty special birds!

  3. I am thankful for good family, friends and neighbors that remind me of Christ's love for me.

    1. Sounds like you are surrounded by a lot of great people - a definite reason to give thanks!