We rise - together

I am not telling you anything you don't already know when I state we are living in exceptional times.

The fact that we are visiting our 2 year old granddaughter through their screened window while standing back our 6 feet in the yard tells me so.

The fact that I am doing porch drop-offs to my parents and unable to hug them in person tells me so.

The fact that we lost my Uncle Barry to this horrible virus tells me so.

As a woman of faith, God is where I put my trust.  I am also human, and though I have had more than a few moments of fear during this trying time, I have come to realize I was mostly feeling grief.

Grief at our "normal" way of life upended.

Grief at not being able to share our families loss in person.  Virtual hugs only.

Grief at SO much loss in the world right now.

 I shared this with a friend and told her that I decided to just sit with it.  The grief.  To allow myself to feel.  In doing so there was inevitable tears and prayers.  There was also just stillness.  

And in being still, my soul became brighter.  

"Be still and know..."*

So we are still.

 And then we rise.

 And together - we rise higher. 

My empathetic heart cannot bear to watch all the news reports, all the stories of heartache so I limit myself.  But through the heartache there are heroes arising day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.  Those stories do my tender heart so much good.  

The hero doctors, nurses, and the myriad of other medical staffers and first responders not just doing their best but going above and beyond the call of duty.  The truck drivers, delivery service members, restaurant and grocery store employees making sure we can stay home and still have what we need.  The daycare workers.  The teachers making sure lessons are still provided, parents doing their ding dong best to just survive the days...all heroes. 

I have read of nurses face timeing families to allow them to talk with their quarantined loved ones.  I have watched musicians sharing their talents from home, giving us a reprive of joy.  I have seen videos of people banging pots and pans from their balconies to honor medical professionals.  I have read of people checking in on elderly or compromised neighbors making sure they are safe and fed.  I saw today a neighborhood coming out of their houses to dance together, yet apart.  

Although there is a downside, I have realized the profound role social media has come to play in our mental and social survival during this period in time and viewed such creative ways of doing it from artists sharing amazing free tutorials, musicians streaming free performances to  THIS sweet and funny neighborly act of kindness and so, so many more.  In fact, just before I published this, a great friend sent a message to me and other friends and family letting us know she was doing a Costco run and asking if she could get us anything.  Yet another everyday hero.  (Thank you Carey!) 

Hand in hand, across the airwaves, across the street, 6 feet apart or even shoulder to shoulder, in the case of those putting their lives on the line, together - we rise.

Keep rising friends, keep praying, keep looking for beauty in these extraordinary times and keep looking up...

*Psalm 46:10





  1. Its been a long time, Mindy. I am so so sorry to hear of your Uncle Barry! Our hope is in God alone. I will be praying for you and your family! I can't even imagine not being able to grieve with hugs from and for our loved ones. God bless. Keep the faith and stay well. 🙏

    1. Thank you so much Nancy. Holding tight to that Hope. Thank you for your prayers and for always visiting me here...

  2. This is amazing friend! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!

    Happy day!

    1. Thank you. Your posts always encourage and uplift - especially now.