The kindness of strangers (and friends)

About a year and a half ago I was in a car accident.  It was a holiday that my husband didn't have off from work and the sun was shining.  I had an inexpensive (and impulse buy...) item to return to Home Goods and thought I would go return by myself.  I was about a block away from my turn when out of nowhere (the police officer told me this is how most accidents happen - out of nowhere) there was a blur in front of my window (unbeknownst to be it was a truck) and I somehow ended up out of my lane and in to a turn lane.  I felt the impact but still didn't know exactly what happened.   I was hit head on at the front corner of my car and along the entire side.  

The car, obviously, had come to a stop and there I sat.  Cars were whizzing past me on both sides and I felt a bit shaken.  Okay, a lot shaken.  😜    I looked around and felt a bit lost.  Then from the sidewalk across the opposite two lanes was a friendly looking woman and a younger man.  I could read the woman's lips asking if I was okay and motioning me to roll down the window which I did.  She asked again if I was okay and I said I think so.  She wondered if  I could start the car and pull into the driveway there.  It started but when I pressed the gas I told her it won't move.  She quickly braved the traffic and came to where I was and assessed the vehicle and told me we needed to leave it and move to the sidewalk.  She asked if I had called the police already and I said no.  Honestly I hadn't even thought of it at that point.  My chest hurt and I was feeling anxious and shaken.  She offered to call for me and did so.  She made sure I was okay and told me the man who hit me was waved on by another vehicle that the coast was clear - but of course it wasn't.  '

Insurance information was exchanged and she offered to stay until the police arrived but I declined and thanked her so very much for pulling over and helping.  She had not even seen the accident but saw someone in need.  💛  

She went on her way and I tried to make conversation with the young man, who was driving a work truck and running errands for his  job.  He was obviously shaken as well and not too talkative but I did find out he worked for a farm that supplies organic goods to the local farmers market.  It was an accident and neither of us badly injured and I wasn't angry at him at all.  And organic farming?  Well, under different circumstances we could have bonded over that one!  🍓  

Time was passing so slowly.  I called my daughter to come rescue me and then filled my husband in on the happenings.  And we waited...The police officer arrived and told me it was not my fault at all and he had called a tow truck.  The car would be a total loss.    

Just when I was really started to feel anxious again and my chest hurting (which later made sense as I had a lot of bruising there as well as my wrist and knee) I hear, "Mindy, is that you?"  And walking toward me was a friend I have known since elementary school who just happened to be up there running errands on her day off and thought it was me on the sidewalk.  She gave me a hug and waited with me, took me to a nearby place to get something to drink and waited for my family to arrive.  After hugs and much thankfulness from me to her I was heading home.  

Such a stressful event but the kindness of the lady who stopped when she certainly had no reason to other than her good heart was such a gift, as was the kindness of my friend who I believe God sent there just for me that day.  🙏  

A few months before this accident my husband and I were at the movie theater when I started to not feel well.  I knew I better head to the restroom and told him I was heading there.  I was walking quickly to the exit, opened the door and proceeded to pass out.  Fun times...😳

Next thing I know there is a man, popcorn and drink in hand, rushing toward me asking if I was okay.  (Seems to be a pattern here ha!)  I stood up and felt okay, had just gotten light headed.  I told him I was headed to the restroom.  He gave his friend his popcorn and drink and walked me to the restroom.  His wife had arrived by then and he asked her to wait by the door to be sure I was okay and he went to get Mr. Husband from the theater.  I was okay, some kind of sudden bug maybe.  I came out to my husband and the rest of the "helpers" and thanked them for their good deed.  They went above and beyond and I felt so grateful.  

We hear stories on the television, the radio and read so many on the internet of all the people out there to harm and destroy.  But we can't forget there are still SO many good people in the world,- strangers and friends alike, and I, for one,  am making a much better effort to keep my eyes, ears and heart open so maybe I can make a difference too.  💗       



  1. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses! :)

  2. So good to hear from you. It's been a while. 😉
    Happy to hear all turned out well.
    Yes, God is good to send others just when we need them!
    I keep a journal of times like those so I won't forget that He cares about us, and He does watch over us.
    Having said that, lol, I have, at times, been in need and it seemed like I was invisible to all. But even then HE was there. 😍
    God bless.

  3. Glad you are ok after these events. For sure I'm a great believer that our world has more good people in it than bad! I'm glad you got to meet some of them, the kindness of total strangers is the best isn't it?
    Have a great Sunday!
    Wren X

  4. So happy to hear that you are okay! And you are right---we all need to be a little kinder to others in need!

    Happy day friend!

  5. My goodness!!! I hope you are doing better!! I do love how God places people in our path to care for us, at just the right time. Some would say coincidence...but I know it is Him reminding me how much He loves us. xo