Giving Thanks Friday: Veteran's Day edition

Thank you Veterans.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for keeping our country safe.

Thank you for your sacrifice - physically and emotionally.

Thank you families who stand beside those who have served, who serve us now.

God bless them all.

The above picture was taken many years ago when my Great Uncle Les was up visiting from New Mexico. Somehow someone (most likely my mom's doing-thanks mom!) convinced these four (representing the Navy, Air Force and Army) to march in our local summer Bear Festival parade together - such a special memory.  My Dad is on the left (with my sister in front - yes, that blonde haired, blue eyed cutie!), my Uncle Barry with his daughter Bridget (who grew up in Germany while my Uncle served many years there and now Shannon, his younger dsughter, is the wife of a career military man herself.  Thank you for your continued service Jameel.) Next to my Uncle Barry is my Great Uncle Les with his Granddaughter, and to the far right my Grandpa Ray with my cousin Cheri.     



  1. Oh my goodness, Mindy, such a precious photo! Today we thank our veterans in Canada as well and we have so much to be grateful for!
    You have created a beautiful Etsy shop, friend! I just visited and I want the wooden bowl. Can you figure out how to make a food safe one for me? Would love it! Congrats on your launch - I know you'll be wildly successful!

  2. A lovely post honouring these brave men and a great family photo to treasure.


  3. What a precious family photo Mindy, I love looking at old family pics. Nice post!

  4. Amen and thank you for the precious photo. My parents both served in WWII and my father gave his life in the Korean War.

  5. Hi Mindy!! What a precious photo of your family, and what a beautiful history of service to the USA too. My husband is a Marine Corps vet, and I think he said he got a free ticket at the movies this past weekend. How nice that the country is really starting to appreciate the service of so many men and women.
    Hope you had a great celebration too :)

  6. Lovely photo of your family Mindy. It is precious to have. So many men and women that deserve so much honor. I saw Robyn's comment about an Etsy shop, but I do not see a link.

  7. Good to touch base with you, again, Mindy! I switched to wordpress and lost all my blogroll. I signed up for your newsletter. Stop by for a visit, friend!