Simply: Thrifting

(A $2.99 score at a local thrift shop last week.  I wish you could have seen the before.  It was so brown that my husband had a hard time believing it was copper.  But I could tell.  We came home and he shined it back to a wonderful finish.)  

Growing up I had a lot of new things but also some used.  For the most part, it's the used I remember.  Mostly because of the love that went into them by my parents to recreate the items just for me.  Like my bed and dresser set that I insisted be painted purple and that we came to a compromise on lime green.  And the wagon they scrubbed and sanded and painted a bright red with butterfly stickers.  It was the best!

My Grandma Peggy was the queen of garage sales and I went with her and my Granddad often.  My daughter went with us when she was just a baby, which probably explains her love of vintage and unique.  I still use many of the things we picked up together on a regular basis. Other things have been donated back to another (you guessed it) thrift store for others to enjoy.  When you don't spend much on an item you can change them out more often.  (A girl has a right to change her mind and all that business...)  And the character - well vintage is just often unique and original.  A few vintage items can turn a regular spot in your home into a spectacular spot.  And bonus:  Eco friendly.    

During our time off last week we happened into a local thrift shop and they were having a sale on books and media.  Mr. Husband made a quick loop and then out to the truck to wait.  You have to have patience to look for the good stuff : )    

(Regular price on this book was $2 but with the half price promotion going on I got it for $1.  Not too shabby for a bit of nutritional advice.)  

(I added these two albums to my vintage vinyl collection for a total of $1 for the two of them - what fun!)

I usually make a quick pass through the thrift store scanning the shelves to see what might pop out to me.  Those items go into the cart quickly.  I can decide if I am keeping them later.  Then I go back to the areas of interest to do a deeper "dig" looking behind items and on the bottom shelves to make sure I didn't miss anything.  

(This sweet little copper cup was so tarnished that I thought the bottom half might be brass like the handle - it was copper as well!  I love the curved handle and the scroll pattern across the top combined with the hammered bottom.  Such a charming little piece.  Price - $3.99.  My most expensive purchase of the day and a bargain still.)  

Thrifting is a hunt and I enjoy it.  Sometimes I come away with nothing but dirty hands (I always have some wet wipes and hand santizer in the glove compartment), other times I come away with a few treasures.  You just never know.  That is what I tell Mr. Husband when I ask him to stop, you just never know.  And this day, for $8.98 plus tax, I think I did pretty well.  

Do you enjoy thrifting?  Tell me about your favorite find?    

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  1. hello!!!!! i love your new pretty!!! ahh... i wish i was a thrifter! i WANT to be, but i never give it the time it needs... and i feel like i don't know the "rules" of the thrift shop so i don't go in. weird... i know! maybe one day!

  2. I ever! Like you, when I see something I even think I want, in the cart it goes and like you, I will decide later! Sometime I find nothing, other times I feel I have won the lottery. I would furnish my whole house in vintage if I could and when we build our farm house, I plan to do that as much as I can :) Love those copper pieces!

  3. I love shopping for treasures, lamps, dishes, material, books, it's all good. Looks like you had a great day Mindy.

  4. Looks like you found some delightful items, my friend. The copper pot is quite the little cutie :)

    Have a joyous week, dear Mindy. Hugs!

  5. Loving the copper! You never know what you will find.

  6. Oh, I love your found treasures, Mindy! I visit the thrift stores for food props and find the most amazing things! Nothing like coming out of a store with 5 plates that you paid 2 bucks for!
    I love everything copper - it's special!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love your little copper cup! Very nice!

  8. The copper cup is beautiful ♥