Celebrating 200 - Day 2 give-away!

My Grandma Peggy had such a wonderful way of love about her.  She would make each of us feel like we were her favorite - and we all were of course.  She was a warm embrace when you came in from the cold world, a wonderful source of encouragement when you faced challenges and her heart and home always a place of comfort and peace.  All were welcome.  All were loved.  

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my Grandma Peggy and Grandad Blaine.  They were both the most amazing people and both had a huge impact on my life.  

As a child I used to suffer from earaches and my mom still tells the story of me in pain saying, "Grandma Peggy, do something!".  My Grandma would hold me and say, "Oh, bless her heart..."  It was her heartfelt way of saying I feel your pain, I understand.  She would do the same when any of her grandchildren were sick, in pain or hurting in any way from life's bumps.  She said it in love and with love.

Now I have since discovered that there is a part of the population who use this phrase in a different way.  There are dozens of meme's out there depicting it.  But my Grandma Peggy had love behind her blessing and that is how I want to use it as well.  

In honor of her and the way she loved greatly, I am offering up this wood sign from Hobby Lobby as today's give-away.  It is a wood block 6x6 square and 1.5 inches deep.  It can be placed on a shelf or other surface or I am sure you could hang it as well.      

To win today's give-away just comment here or on the blog Facebook page and tell me someone who is a blessing in your life.  That's it!  And be sure to stop back by tomorrow for day three of our celebration.

All winners will be posted this weekend. 

Update:  Day 2 give-away is now closed.  



  1. Such a sweet story Mindy. I suffered from earaches too and nose bleeds. The sign is precious! My husband is a big blessing to me. Very nice giveaway for your readers. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Awww...Mindy, that was such a touching love story of your precious Grandma Peggy. There is nothing so sweet as a grandmother who is filled with love and care and hugs that warm the heart. You were blessed indeed.

    I just saw your new photo on your side bar, oh your are darling!!! I love your hair cut, sweet lady.

    What a beautiful heart you have through this give-away, bless you!

  3. And BTW, your new blog is beautiful. I am about to redo mine (again)! But we are both on a journey of seeking beauty in the ordinary. Your grandma sounds just like mine. I miss her so much.

  4. I love this story!! I adored my grandmother, "Mama", and miss her every day. She passed away in the 60's but I know she's still around. :) She was the truest blessing in my life!

    Thanks for the opportunity ~ you are so very kind!

  5. I so much prefer your grandmothers meaning of the term than the other take on it. This shows in you with your lovely take on the world. Your posts are very inspirational.


  6. Oh, what a lovely tribute to your grandmother, Mindy!
    I'm so late with my visits this week I'm STILL dealing with tech issues and haven't been able to post. I'm glad to come here for inspiration though. Love your week of thoughtful giveaways!