Simply: Volunteers

Early this spring we (and by we I am mean Mr. Husband) dismantled one of our raised beds, that I grew flowers in last season, and moved it to location that worked better for us.  We (ahem) also transferred a portion of the soil that was in the bed before topping it off with a mixture of new soil and compost.    

I (yes, really me) planted rows of carrots, radishes and lettuces.  As they began to sprout I also began noticing what appeared to be weeds but on closer inspection wasn't so sure.  Being the gentle gardener that I am, I let them stay for the time being.

As the weeks went by it was obvious that these babies were indeed flowers that had sprouted from the transferred soil and, although their little kindergarten selves were scattered about randomly, they would stay.  

Time marched on and the now gangling leaves were at the awkward junior high stage, learning to mingle with others (the veggies) and I was in love.  A few more weeks and they were ready to graduate high school and blossom into young adulthood.  

This brings us the present where many of these beauties are ready to leave the nest, or raised bed as the case may be, and make their way into the world - which just happens to be our living room (grin).  

Calendula volunteers looking lovely in their upcycled vase.



  1. beautiful - I have calendula volunteers this year, too...right in the middle of my vegetables!

  2. I love your new blog, Mindy! Like you, I always wait a while before I pick something green out of the dirt before I know what it is. I love those pretty volunteers! :)

  3. Hi Mindy, Oh I love the way your blog looks especially the dandelion at the very top, very nice!!!!!! We have volunteers in our garden too, love being surprised. Take care xo Cheri

  4. Hi sweet friend! I am just loving your new look here :) I hope you are well, dear one.

    Love and hugs!

  5. I love unexpected surprises like your beautiful flowers. When we move (which is often) I am always so excited to see what might come up around the yard the first year!

  6. What a lovely surprise, beautiful flowers peeking through. It seems to happen when we get plants, there is always something else sprouting up. Years ago, I had a watermelon plant sprout up in a tomato plant. We had beautiful watermelons that year. I hope you are enjoying your blog makeover. It was my pleasure to give you a beautiful design that is also responsive and easy to navigate.

  7. A beautiful surprise in your garden and looking just lovely in your upcycled vase.:)
    My husband has a small vegetable garden every year and he sure enjoys himself with it. I love a flower garden over vegetables, but it's all beautiful and enjoyable to work in.

    Love your blog look, Mindy.

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend~~

  8. Oh my, look at your gorgeous blog!! Linda is a magician and this style is all YOU! Love the clean lines, the beautiful dandelion and the serenity of the page, Mindy. How fun for you!!
    I love your surprise visitor in your garden too. Seems like such an appropriate post for your new look :)
    Happy weekend, friend!

  9. Oh, my grand daughter has said she will help us with a raised garden this year, but we'll see. Things are changing for her just now so it may not happen. But it will be good to have a garden again as we haven't had one for a long, long time.
    Your new look is lovely and refreshing, well done :)


  10. Such a nice way to bring colour and a little of nature into your home! Very pretty!!

  11. Your flowers are so pretty! And you have a new profile picture! It's adorable!!!!!!!

    Happy day friend!