Friendships: To knowing and being known

I had a birthday earlier this month - another year has come and gone already!  Seasons change and time passes and life is mostly good.  In those good times, or not so good, the journey is much richer having my "forever" friends to walk through it with.  I have two of those special friends that I have known for many years now. Together we have celebrated, laughed, mourned, cried, prayed, shared and grown.  My world is better for having the two of them in it and so grateful that God brought us together.  

We have been trying to get together for lunch once a month to catch up but with lives being full it doesn't always happen that regularly.  We may see each other briefly,  talk or text but there is nothing like taking an hour or two to catch up in person.  

This past gathering the two of them treated me with Birthday gifts.  We go for simple rather than extravagant - a little way to honor each other.  What you see above is what I received.  One friend chose a purse sized coloring book and pencils to take along for those times of waiting for an appointment, in the car etc.  She especially chose an outdoor wonder theme "because I know you like that kind of stuff".  She also included the yummy treats (which I have been trying to ration out...) because I may have a bit of a sweet tooth.  

My other friend hand painted (she is a talented artist) the garden markers because "I wanted to do something special".  She stalked my Pinterest pages to see what I had my eye on and the result is beautiful!

These gifts are significant.  They are significant because they speak to who I am.  These friends have taken the time to listen when I ramble on about my garden, to pay attention when I am craving chocolate, to know that coloring will relax me.  

The gifts are special, to be sure, but the real gift here is the gift of being known - something I will treasure long after the paint has worn from the rocks,  all the pages have been colored and all the chocolates have been consumed.  (And in the case of the chocolates may be sooner rather than later...)       



  1. Awww...such sweet gifts your friends gave you! It really makes us feel special when gifts we receive are not just random, but when special attention is given. I love doing the same thing and enjoy giving them as much as if not more than getting them. I just adore those darling painted rocks!

  2. How wonderful to spend time with your friends and what thoughtful caring gifts you received. Happy belated birthday Mindy.

  3. You are blessed with your two special friends, and those gifts are precious in deed. What a great idea for the purse sized coloring book for those time while having to wait, I must look for one of those.
    I adore those hand painted rocks, wonderful idea.
    Happy late birthday to you!

    Much love~~

  4. Oh Mindy, your friends are so incredibly kind and giving - what a blessing to have them in your life :) And may I say Happy belated Birthday! I am so glad you had a nice celebration with your precious friends.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Such wonderful, thoughtful gifts from your friends, Mindy! I agree - being known by another is the best gift of all. And knowing you can count on those people is what gets us through life. Glad you had a special birthday, Mindy, you are so deserving :)

  6. Knowing and being known is so important! The older I get the more vital those friendships are. I am glad you have friends that know you so well. :) Also, the blog re-design is beautiful.

  7. Happy belated birthday Mindy. Special friendship are to be treasured. Wonderful gifts and great friends make a happy life.

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