Simply: Growing

When I purchased this little guy from Lowe's he only had two little leaves popping up.
I think I shared before that this little teacup had a crack in it so I decided to repurpose it into a planter.
I was looking for just a bit of greenery and thought I would take a chance on this tiny, inexpensive pot.  
A few months, and several new leaves later, it was evident that it was time for a new and larger home.

I transplanted him into another pot I already had and opted to move it to a sunnier kitchen window rather than our dining table.
He did so well.
More and more leaves appeared.
and then
SHE bloomed!

Yep, unbeknownst to me he was actually a she.

Just look at her happy, pinkish blossoms.
I was expecting (and content)with the green leaves so the flowers were a surprise bonus!

A little more water, a little more light, a bit of fertilizer in the soil and the plant has bloomed continuously since last spring-
so much so that it was time for yet another larger home.

So here she is, an acclimated happy camper in her same location but larger digs.
And she is still blooming,
still growing.


Truthfully, I am often resistant to change.  I get comfortable where I am.  I don't want to move.
But growth requires movement.
It sometimes means being transplanted to a new situation or a new location.
Sometimes we just have to move into a new pattern of thought.
Sometimes we must let our hearts be moved into action.

If we stay where we are we find our roots become a tangled mess.
No growth. 
No blooms.

But when we take a chance,
let God move in us, 
we grow.
We bloom even.

And it's a good thing.

Although the plant did not come with a tag stating what variety it was, from internet research it appears to be a Crown of Thorns.  How fitting that she would remind be a constant reminder to me to keep on growing, keep on blooming. 



  1. Such a lovely post, Mindy. You sure do have a green thumb. I love the message you have found in watching your little plant grow and blossom. We truly have to embrace change, don't we?
    Enjoy your weekend, talented friend. xo

  2. So much symbolism in all of this. Love the name! I didn't even know there was such a plant.

  3. An attractive plant and a blessing in disguise :)


  4. I love this story, Mindy, especially since I truly cannot grow anything green! What a lovely reminder for you. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is really a great post, Mindy. Sometimes I find myself getting too comfortable in my life. Thanks for the reminder....and it really is such a beautiful plant...with such a perfect name :)

  6. What a fun plant adventure you've had. And the spiritual lessons you gained - priceless. :0)

  7. Hi Mindy! I think it's so cool that you had a photo of your plant just starting out, and then just blooming away! What a great point about needing to be 'transplanted' in order to grow. It can get pretty comfy in that little tea cup. But you're so right about the tangled mess of roots. No growth there.

    Thank you for a wonderful encouragement today. I should never be afraid to move :)

  8. Hi Mindy, thank you for the inspiration. We often forget and get too busy. Growth is always important and moving forward. Love your sweet plant. She is growing nicely and is producing lovely blooms.

  9. There is a unique kind of joy in watching a plant grow. All the more so because it requires a bit of patience.