Giving Thanks Friday

This week I am thankful for: 

Friday - a sign that I made it through the week.  And sometimes that is enough.  

Summer flower bulb purchases and the promise they hold of growth and beauty.

A trip to Hobby Lobby and lots of laughter.  (On a side note: I commented to our daughter Bethany, who had just returned our cart to the inside of the store, that even though there was no cart return not one cart was left outside in the parking lot.  Her reply:  Well, they play Christian music inside so everyone will feel guilty if they don't return the carts.  Hahaha, oh my I love that girl!)

Frozen pizza...from a box...after a long, emotional day...and a husband who eats it with joy.

Jill Foley's photographs.  She speaks my love language.  

Answered prayer - even when it means a loved one had to admit something hard.  They are loved, supported and on their way to newness.  

A wise niece who shared this quote on her Facebook page:  "We can tell God we have a big problem or we can tell our problem we have a big God."  Amen.

Homemade soup gifted us by my Dad - yummy AND I didn't have to cook it.  Score!

Pay Day!  Oh wait, that is NEXT Friday...well, thankful it is coming soon anyhow : )    

What are you thankful for?

May your weekend be filled with wonder, laced with peace and bursting with love...

(Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good: his love endures forever. Psalm 118:1) 

(photo credit here)



  1. I am thankful for a day at the zoo with my family, and a really soft bed waiting for me at home.

  2. Hi Mindy, always enjoy your giving thanks Friday. I am thankful that we (my family) are all healthy and happy and for a nice slow going Saturday with my husband. Take care....

  3. Love your outlook on life, Mindy! Thankful for nice weather and the strength to take a difficult hike. Couldn't have done it four months ago. So thankful chemo is over and my body is recovering.

  4. LOL, love your daughter's observation, Mindy! Did you take that pic of the pizza? That's a mighty good looking box pizza and I want some! I had a great brand that I bought occasionally and they stopped making it.
    Homemade soup makes me so happy. Another great post! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend, friend.

  5. Hi MINDY!! Ah, Hobby Lobby. What would we do without that place? I love just wandering the aisles.
    Frozen pizza? Hey, if I don't have to assemble it, heat it up! I'm with you, easy dinners are the best.
    I really love your relationship with your daughter. What's better than a fun day with our children? Sometimes they even buy us a cup of coffee!
    I'm thankful for my dad. He's 91 years old today, and we're having him over for dinner tonight. Then tomorrow, it's out to dinner with him and my brother and SIL. Party, party!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. A lot of great things to be thankful for, to be sure. I wish my Hobby Lobby wasn't as far away as it is about a 20 minute drive but I rarely go unless I am looking for something specific. Actually, it's probably a very good thing for me that my Hobby Lobby is not closer :)

  7. oh i just bust out laughing over PAY DAY. but now you are a little closer to making it through the week AND getting paid! yippee! your list of thankful just made me smile. so many gifts :)

  8. I am thankful for sunny days, Mindy. That Hobby Lobby thing made me laugh. :) thankful for that too!

  9. It is easy to feel thankful in spring. There is a lovely feeling of renewal and hope all around you.