A stick of butter

As you can see by the raindrops outside the greenhouse, we are having a rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest.  I am grateful for that is what keeps us green around here.  And green is a good thing because it is the season of growing around our house.  (Which is why I took an unplanned blogging break...)

I recently added several Japanese paper lanterns inside the greenhouse for a bit of color.  They have battery lights inside and will look so pretty at night during the summer months.  

There are several things growing in the outside garden but I still have some seedlings inside the greenhouse. Above is several basal starts and two pots of pansies as well.

And look at the pepper plant producing already!  I am growing two different varieties - an orange and a green.   

Until today our weather has been pretty mild.  Three days in a row I sat out this stick of unsalted butter thinking I wanted to make some cookies.  Two of the days I put it back in the refrigerator because it was a better day to garden rather than bake.

Today, however, was a perfect day to bake.  Oatmeal chocolate chip - my favorite!  And in case you don't get your fill of chocolate from the cookies (I like them heavy on the oatmeal and light on the chips), a jar of dark chocolate, Himalayan salted almonds.  An indulgent reward for all the vegetable gardening : )

What have you all been up too?  I hope to get caught up with everyone soon.  In the mean time, have a great weekend friends...



  1. I am glad you're back! I've missed your posts. :) Your greenhouse looks beautiful. My 11 year old son is raising venus flytraps in a mini greenhouse - he drooled over yours. The cookies look delicious. They look like the perfect end to a productive week. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the inter webs. Oh, the stories I could tell about my brother! :) Happy gardening!

  2. Hi Mindy!! You have been busy! I'm a little jealous of your pepper plant, it looks so good :)
    We put in some basil as well, tomatoes and eggplant. But your growing season is so much longer than ours. You'll be able to get those flowers in and enjoy them for a long time.

    I'm allergic to oatmeal, so I'll just commandeer your chocolate covered nuts. Mmmm....
    So great to see you again my friend. Glad you didn't take a break for illness or something, you were doing fun things!
    Happy Holiday Weekend,

  3. Wow...those are some great looking peppers! Mmmm...I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too!

  4. I dream about being your neighbour and doing my shopping in your garden, Mindy. I'm sure it's been a very busy time for you and blogging breaks are a good thing. I'm definitely planning some summer time breaks.
    I love the lanterns! Would you please share a pic of them lit up at night? I bet it's beautiful!
    Coming here is like sitting outside on the stoop, gazing at nature and taking a very deep breath, exhaling and feeling my whole body relax. Thank you, friend! xoxo

  5. Your plants look awesome and your cookies look so DELICIOUS!!