A bit of green

I have been a bit silent here but have enjoyed a much-needed break.  It gave my soul time to notice more of the small things - like this mushroom my coffee table plant grew recently.  

And look - today there were three of them!  Not a surprise considering our damp Pacific Northwest weather that obviously affects the indoors as well.  I think they are quite cute and wish they would stay in the plant indefinitely : )

I am pretty comfortable with outdoor gardening and but indoor gardening has never been my strong suit.  In fact, this cement planter has the kind I grew best - artificial ha!  But I love plants and have been determined to find ones that grow well in our home.  I figure the inexpensive ones cost no more than a cheap bouquet of flowers and bring me every bit as much joy.  

This jade plant has been a pretty happy camper near the kitchen sink for about 6 months now.  So far, so good!

I purchased two of these tiny tea cups from World Market but they are pretty hot to hold on to when filled with boiling tea.  So, I decided to fill this one with a tiny plant on our dining table (more on the new table to come soon.)

This plant (I do not know what it is as it had no ID tag when we purchased it from Lowe's) has been doing well in the living room and I love the Bonsai feel to it as well as the wood look of the ceramic planter.  The metal tea light holder looks pretty beside it when lit.

This plant remains in it's original plastic pot (with something in the bottom to catch water) slightly hidden by the basket.  It doesn't get much light here so I have held off potting it.  Just when I think it may be on it's last leg it pulls through so we shall see.  My dream plant to go in this spot would be a fiddle (and very fickle!) leaf fig.  They look so lovely in all the photos online and in magazines but much too expensive for me to try my hand at and a very poor location with not great light.  Oh well...

This guy (or gal) had been doing VERY good until the past month when she (yep, I think this curvy one is definitely a she) decided to start dropping some leaves.  From what I read online changes in temperature can cause a ficus to drop leaves and we had a pretty cold snap (with cooler temps inside as well to keep the electric bill down a bit).  Apparently she doesn't like the cooler indoor temps.  We have warmed back up but as you can see there is a leaf on the table in the picture and I found three more today.  

What would the Pacific Northwest be without moss.  Although it grows in places where we have to scrape it off (like driveways and walkways) I love it in shady corners, below trees and this week I brought home an indoor variety that hopefully will like our indoor humidity.  It is such a lush color and already a favorite of the hubby's.  

Do you all grow indoor plants?  Do you have suggestions for easy to grow varieties?  I am open to all your suggestions and growing advice as I am determined to change my brown indoor growing thumb to at least a light green shade : ) 



  1. How cute,I loved your last comment!

    I enjoy playing in the dirt outside, but not much for in door plants. They take up way too much room that I'm not willing to give up. :-)
    Also, we have a wood burner that isn't very friendly with plants.

    It's nice to see you, Mindy, I've missed you.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. I'm impressed! I am totally unable to keep indoor plants alive mainly because I neglect them horribly. Those mushroom!!!!!

  3. Aren't breaks so needed? I'm glad you enjoyed yours. I'm terrible with plants, indoor and out. Yours are much greener than mine. I need to at least cut some of the dead from mine this weekend :).

  4. Good evening, sweet Mindy! Breaks are indeed needed and I am so thankful you were able to enjoy some time to yourself and with your family.

    Your plants are lovely and look so healthy. I wish I grew indoor plants, but I honestly have a brown thumb.... maybe it's because I forget to water them.

    I loved seeing the violin in the reflection of the mirror - absolutely beautiful, my friend! It is so good to visit you and your comment on my blog have been a blessing.

    Thinking of you! Hugs!

  5. I love your planters, especially the carved (looks) wooden one!

    I have no advice. Somehow I have Pathos (easy), snakeplant, and aloe vera all growing inside, but one of my Pathos has a faint moldy, mildewy smell when I water it...soil problem, maybe?

  6. Your indoor plants look very healthy, good for you for taking a break. Happy New Year Mindy!

  7. Thanks for sharing your pics with us, Mindy. You brought a little bit of Spring to my soul--and I will take all I can get at this time of year!

  8. Hi Mindy! How nice to see you blogging again!
    My son lives in Seattle, so I know all about that moss problem. It's amazing to see the green pop up on roofs and siding. And here you are growing it in your house!
    I love World Market. So many fun things to look at, and imported foods to see. I think the tea cup is the perfect thing to have a little plant in. Great thinking there! Your house looks so neat and tidy, I am so jealous! My house is quite the disaster lately, but I just have to look away and be content. In a couple of months when I can get around again, I'll get it back to ship-shape.

    You brighten up my day :)

  9. Mindy...it's nice to see you back! Those little mushrooms are just adorable...all of your plants look really healthy! Most of my yard is a lush green carpet of moss...grass doesn't grow well on mostly shaded red clay which is what we have here...but the moss LOVES it :)

  10. Hi Mindy,
    I'm travelling at the moment so please forgive the slow response. I am like you - I don't have good luck with indoor plants. I tend to forget about them until I see them drooping, lol. Funny because I keep good care of my herbs but that's because they are in the kitchen where I spend so much time.
    Love your last line, lol. Glad to hear you had a nice break - I'm having one too - sorta!
    Take good care, my friend.

  11. I LOVE moss! Yours looks so lush - wonderful!