What I have learned this summer

This summer I have learned: 

There is beauty all around, we just have to be still long enough to see it. 

The first tomato from the vine tastes heaven sent.

I am much less picky about the way the interior of the house is kept during the summer months.

Losing a loved one is never easy but carrying their memory is.

I can appreciate the different ways individuals express themselves through fashion but I also learned (thanks to the lady in the tire store parking lot) that adding fringe to the bottom of your midriff baring t-shirt does not in fact cover your bulging, bare midriff.  

Sunflowers are happy flowers and looking at them makes me happy too.

God never, ever gives up on anyone - and we shouldn't either.

Burned veggie chili will mask the funny odor caused by your oven having been in the self cleaning mode.  It will also cause an entirely different odor to deal with...

Eating outdoors makes everything taste better.

I will never tire of gazing at a star filled sky.  

And finally, when


turns into


all is right with the world : )

I am linking up with Emily, from Chatting at the Sky, and other summer learners here: http://www.chattingatthesky.com/2014/07/30/lets-share-learned-summer/



  1. A beautiful post and photos. The rhubarb crisp looks divine!

  2. I love what you have learned this summer, Mindy. Hold on to those truths all year long! Beautiful pics!

  3. LOVE rhubarb too!
    My grandma's rhubarb recipes are my favs; bars, sauce, and crisp...delicious!

  4. Oh my, Mindy, each time I look at the photo my heart skips a little beat. Those vibrant purples with that lovely butterfly is just so perfect! I just want to roll into your backyard and fill up a grocery cart with your beautiful produce. Rhubarb crisp is so delicious and your dish looks fabulous. Gotta have ice cream, too! It's my weakness :) Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  5. Hi Mindy, I am visiting you from Robyn's site, a dear friend. Your photo is lovely and has deep meaning. Yes, there is beauty around us. We just have to slow down and admire it. Robyn has told me about your wonderful produce. How wonderful that is to have to create lovely dishes.
    Your dessert looks so yummy, especially topped off with ice cream. Enjoy your weekend from your newest follower, Linda...blog designer, cook, entertainer.

  6. Mindy....your photos are gorgeous and your words speak from the overflow of your heart! Love it!

  7. Hi Mindy! My mom LOVED rhubarb. She would even gnaw on the ribs. (Yuck). The first photo is so pretty, I just love butterflies. I saw a beautiful double-winged one at the park yesterday. When it flew, it looked like Tinkerbell.
    Right with you on the belly shirt. I'm going right now to take the fringe off mine.

  8. Love your list. That pie looks wonderful! The first tomato is always the best - I always forget how good they taste!

  9. Hello sweet Mindy! That rhubarb crisp looks amazing! I have a lot of rhubarb that grows in the Spring and early summer months and my family and I always enjoy its yumminess :)

    I hope you are doing well, sweet friend. You are often in my thoughts! Hugs to you!