30 Day Photo Challenge-ish

DAY 8:  Favorite Color

If I am being perfectly honest, when I think of a favorite color the first thing that comes to mind is white.  I know, right?!  But I love white.  I love to wear it.  I love to use it in my house.  It is fresh and clean and bright.  But it doesn't always photograph well and even though this is a photography challenge I am using straight out of the camera shots.  (It is a vacation of sorts from blogging so...)

I do also love lavender and shades of purple so for the sake of not boring you with my whites I am going with lavender as my favorite today : )  As you can see from the pictures below it IS a favorite color in parts of my garden. 


English lavender bundled and ready to dry. 

Spanish lavender (love how it blooms all season)

Violas (I never can resist...)

Lupine (such a big and showy flower)

These little "bells" return each Spring below the bedroom window.

Love our Hydrangeas and love that one bush blooms purple. 
God is the best exterior decorator ever painting His blossoms in such gorgeous hues!



  1. Lavender is one of my favorite colors. Your photos are gorgeous. So thankful for the gift of sight to enjoy God's beautiful world!

  2. i love all of these shades! and that hydrangea is gorgeous!!!

  3. Purple is my favourite colour as well. I love these photos and the soft, comforting feeling that lavender gives you. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! Are you having fun doing this, Mindy? It looks like a blast!

  4. Hi Mindy! I know you must like white, your blog header has a white theme. It's so clean and bright!
    My favorite color is purple and you have quite a few purple blooms here. I am so jealous of your hydrangea...mine is all stems and leaves. I have asked neighbors how they get such a lot of blooms and they all say 'nothing'.

    I hope I get a few blooms this year. Thank you for all the happy, colorful photos!

  5. Oh what gorgeous colors! All of the pictures turned out so pretty but I especially love the ones of the lavender!