30 Day Photo Challenge-ish

DAY 6:   Books  (Due to a day long headache yesterday I am posting days 6 and 7 together.)

Books to feed the Body

The Spirit

and Soul

DAY 7:   Something funny

In keeping with the book theme of day 6 here is something I found funny while reading outside last summer - an actual book worm : )

*I edited this picture after publishing because I did not want to appear to be endorsing the book.  Thanks for understanding : )



  1. Love that little book worm...lol!

  2. So glad you count my book among those that feed your soul, Mindy. It is an answer to my prayer for the book. God is sooooo good!

  3. Hi Windy, glad you are feeling better, nice post!

  4. i love stacks of books!!! you have quite a collection! and that book worm made me giggle!!!

  5. I'm glad your headache is gone, Mindy. I know why we are friends - we love cooking, gardening, books and so much more. I loved this post and the little worm, lol.