30 Day Photo Challenge-ish

DAY 4:  Leaves

I tried to figure out why the photo challenge would involve leaves on the 4th of July but going into the garden I think just maybe I found the connection.  These:

PEAS (among their leaves)

 Carrots (pulled up by their leaves)

 and crunchy spinich leaves
would make a wonderful salad to serve this 4th of July!
Just wishing these cherry tomatoes were ripe...



  1. I think you are right Mindy. :-)
    Beautiful garden. Ours is barely beginning to come up. Mountain living makes for slow growing. We have fun with it though.
    Blessings! Debbie

  2. Your garden looks wonderful, dear Mindy! Ours is slowly coming up and I am eagerly waiting until we can eat the fresh produce :)

    I hope you had a lovely Fourth of July. Enjoy your evening! Hugs

  3. Oh my gosh, your beautiful garden! I am so envious, Mindy. This year I only have tomato plants and those aren't doing so well because I haven't had the time to look after them the way they deserve. Your pictures are lovely and your salads must be gorgeous!

  4. your green garden is gorgeous! and the sun filtering through the leaves makes it even more so! i am always envious of a garden. i remember having one when we were little... and my son wanted to plant one on a spring break years ago... i wish we had done it!