30 Day Photo Challenge-ish


DAY 3: Happiness

Yesterday was a day filled with road construction delays,  busy traffic, waiting in long lines and large crowds of people.  It's okay on occasion but the mintue I get on the country road, where I often see these growing calves and their mama, I know I am home - or close to it.
In my (ever growing...) number of years on this planet, I have learned there is a great difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness is fleeting and joy is lasting.  But I also believe that since happiness is fleeting that it is also a gift to enjoy, to soak in while it lasts.  And when I see these little guys, that is just what I do : )  



  1. Beautifully said Mindy.
    When I was a young girl we had an area that had sheep and I loved the days when we would drive through the sheep as they were being moved to another pasture. We would sit on the road in the car surrounded by sweet sheep.
    That was bliss.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  2. Mindy, I totally "get" this! The farmer next to our 10 acres (where we hope to build soon) has a cow-calf operation, and I love being out there. It's so peaceful and brings back memories of spending time with my grandparents. Your photograph is wonderful, and it brought me happiness, too!