30 Day Photo Challenge-ish

Day 11:  Something Old

Hmmm my first thought of something old was THIS could be the day to post a selfie, ha!  But thinking better of it and keeping more to the true theme, I decided on this cello.  It was gifted to us by my husband's step-grandpa and has been hanging on one wall or another of our living room ever since. 
My husband will occasionally take it down, or a guest, and run the bow across the strings producing a lovely sound.  My husband probably could learn to really play it if he took the time as he already plays guitar, mandolin and has the cutest little ukulele that he also plays.
I just love the color of the aged wood, the beautiful curves and curls and the sound I can almost hear each time I look at it. 



  1. Oh Mindy! What a beautiful instrument. And I love the vingnette you have created in the corner! Perfect!
    As for the selfie - that would be lovely but hardly for the theme of this day, young lady!

  2. Hi Mindy, love how you have the cello displayed in your home, looks wonderful.

  3. Hi Mindy! I think we have some of the same humor genes...I would take a selfie too!
    That cello hangs on the wall? I thought they were really heavy. Well, I learned something today. I love the dark, warm tones of the cello. How fun to have a guest take it and play! I bet they love that.
    Have a peaceful night,

  4. art. gorgeous.
    no one in my family plays strings, but OH! do i love to hear the orchestra play at the high school!! my favorite music: strings, and the deep sound of men singing.

    p.s. got your email, and will reply shortly!!! BUSY!!!

  5. Beautiful! I love a picture that tells a story.....or plays a melody :)

  6. Great choice, such a wonderful picture. I also really enjoyed the post on your grandfather. Sorry to hear of his passing.

  7. I would love to hear that cello played. I love that you have it hanging on your wall...Makes me want to get a cello and hang it up. I'm a violinist and teach my two daughters violin, so we keep our instruments out and I love the decorative touch they add to our home. My violin was made in 1769... definitely old!