30 Day Photo Challenge-ish

DAY 10:  Nature

I am combining Nature with throwback Thursday to show this bit of nature visiting our house a couple years ago.  We get rabbits (oh and the cute baby ones are my favorites!) off and on but this guy, or gal as the case may be, was a regular.  See it sitting there all sweet and innocent.

Now see it eating the flowers!  Yeah, you could go to bed and there would be flowers, wake up and not so much.  His/her favorite were the English daisies.  Those disappeared completely.  Even so, I love when a bit of nature comes to visit in animal form : )





  1. Hi Mindy, love rabbits, growing up I always had one for a pet, she was like a cat with a litter box and everything, the sweetest thing ever. Gorgeous pictures!

  2. I have bunnies and baby bunnies too, Mindy, and they are getting so tame they don't even leave when I go in the backyard.
    One year I got ambitious and planted crocus all over the lawn. In the spring, I was so excited to see them coming up and especially the day they were about to bloom. I left for work with just a tiny bit of the buds opening on all of them and when I came home they were all chomped down to nothing,lol. Dang rabbits!

  3. i love those pots of pink!!! and the bunny is cute!!! to bad he is also HUNGRY!