30 day photo challenge-ish

Today, at 10:07 AM, it was 77 degrees out.  In Washington State people!  We are expected to top out around 90.  For here, that is H-O-T, hot.  So, due to the glorious weather, the fact that the garden is really coming to life, and July is a full one for our family, I was going to take the month off from blogging. 

But while scrolling through Pinterest I saw a 30 day photo challenge for July.  (I am wondering where the 31st day went but I digress...)  I am pretty sure these challenges are for Instagram but my phone is anything but smart so I don't have an Instagram account.  So I decided to do the 30 day challenge as a sort of break, with a different subject for every day, and am going to (try) to post them daily here on the blog. 

Unlike Instagram style, my photos will probably have some words too because, well, how can you ask a writer not to write - right?  (At this point it should be very clear that I am in need of a break from my daily routine, ha!)

So, here we go...



I enjoy a wide variety of foods so it is hard to pick a favorite so I am picking one of my favorites during the summer season, raspberries.  We grow our own, free of any chemicals or pesticides.  My favorite way to eat them - warmed by the sun straight off the vine : )



  1. Oh yes, raspberries right off the vine! Beautiful photo, and I am looking forward to the month of what you will have for us. :)
    We too have our own raspberries and some wild bushes right next to the creek beside our home. When I am picking them I have to watch my back as the bear and I race to see who gets them first. :)
    Have a beautiful rest of the day.
    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Oh, your raspberries look divine, Mindy! I love this pic and the sun is coming in at jut the right angle.
    Raspberries are my favourite summer food for sure and I love all berries.
    Have fun with your project! I`ll be looking forward to seeing your daily challenges. Have a great day, my friend.

  3. Oh Mindy...me too. I don't grow my own but I buy them every week where I can find a good price. I grew up in Ohio and we had black raspberries plants....LOVE them the most along with my hubby & son...in fact they both get black raspberry pies every year for their birthdays! I will be presenting one to my son next weekend for his big day! Have a wonderful 4th!

  4. Gorgeous photo and I look forward to following along.

  5. what fun! your pictures are always pretty :) and this one is making me crave some sweet fruit!