30 day photo challenge-ish (day 2)

DAY 2:  Smile


I generally don't like sharing pictures (or having them taken) of myself but considered it today being that it IS my Birthday and that makes me smile.  The day of celebration, not the age haha!  But since I have no idea how to work my regular camera to take one of myself I am sharing one I took on my brother in law's Birthday a couple years ago.  It is him and his two youngest sons.  I love these genuine and slightly mischevious (which all three of them are) smiles.  My brother in law went through a serious health scare and ensuing rather scary surgery very recently but came out on top and we are all so grateful! 



  1. Happy Birthday, Mindy! I hope you are enjoying your special day.
    These are GREAT smiles and I am happy for your bil.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Just how old are you, Mindy??? haha
    Great photo of those three men. Their smiles are priceless. What a blessing that your brother-in-law came through his health issue so wonderfully.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Joy! Debbie

  3. Happy Birthday, Mindy! I hope you did something special for your day! So many of my favourite people have birthdays in July :)

    I love that photo - how great that they all have the same smile! Looking at it just makes you grin.
    I love your project and looking forward to seeing what you discover each day.
    Have a good one!

  4. those are three GREAT smiles!!!! i would have loved on e of you, too! happy birthday! i hope it was great!!!

  5. p.s.. so often i want to reply to your sweet thoughtful comments but it always says "no reply blogger!'