What I learned in May

 This month I learned:

I have a deep concern over the current state of our food in this country, and am
endeavoring to grow much of our own, and yet...I not only purchased but consumed over half a bag of Swedish Fish in one weekend this month.  #boo. 

Shells on a shelf make me happy.  #Godcreatesamazingthings


It is entirely possible for your ice maker to get stuck in crushed ice mode and you to panic and switch to cubes and then water and then back to crushed resulting in a VERY cold and unexpected shower on you and the floor before your resulting shrieks of help cause your husband to sprint into action and calmly press the part that you put your glass against and stop the whole nightmare.  #hubbytotherescue  


If you fill up the birdbath with fresh water the birds will bathe.  I watched one chubby blue and white beauty come back five times in a row.  #dirtybirdy

If you read the tags on the tomato and pepper plants at the nursery to the sweet lady who doesn't read English she will follow you around and give you free garden advice - whether you want it or not.  (Her biggest hint:  don't buy the small pepper plants; they just die.  They just die.)   #learningtogrow


Hanging with my daughter and 10 year old neice means nachos for lunch, an enjoyable trip (with hilarious commentary) to window shop at the pet store, Barnes and Noble book browsing and a stop at Menchies (my first time) for frozen yogurt.  With all those treats (splurges) it is a good thing I brought home a gardening recipe book because it will take  a lot of vegetables to make up for it.  #ilove10yearolds

Apparently your sports bra can double as food storage as I saw a lady stop along the sidewalk and retrieve a sandwich bag full of granola from hers and snack away.  #musthavebeenhungry

The shedding of tears during a haricut is usually not a good thing, but when the hairdresser is your daughter and the tears are from laughter - well that's a good thing.  #loveyoubethany



  1. This was a breath of fresh air! Thank you.

  2. What a sweet list! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a nice list! Hope you are doing well, and I'd love you to join my Holy Yoga class. We would love worshiping together!

  4. Loved your list! The bag of granola - hilarious!

  5. Love your list Mindy, always look forward to it. Great post!

  6. Once again you made me laugh, Mindy, with your tongue-in-cheek descriptions. Thanks so much!

  7. Love this list. Sounds like great things are being learned! Also, I thought everyone stored food in their sports bra! ;)

  8. I love your humour, Mindy! And I love all the fun you have with your family! I have had battles with the ice maker too - hilarious! Granola in the sports bra - interesting innovation, lol.
    Thanks for the giggles, my friend. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

  9. Oh, Mindy! I was right there with you when you panicked at the ice maker/water emergency AND observing the woman pulling out the bag of granola from her sports bra!!! I truly did laugh out loud! And wondered what size of sports bra she must’ve bought because mine fits in such a way that most certainly would NOT allow for a stashed bag of granola. Thanks for the entertaining post!!

  10. Hi Mindy! Good to see you again! Oh my, food in the sports bra? How does anyone have room in those confining contraptions? I would be dying laughing myself!
    It sounds like you and your daughter have a wonderful relationship. What fun you have with her and you grand. I love that!
    And I love that sense of humor. Aren't hashtags fun??

  11. Hello my dear Mindy! It has been WAY TOO LONG since I have stopped by for a visit - forgive me? You are always so good to come by my blog and leave me sweet comments. . .thank you for blessing my life :)

    How have you been? Are you enjoying the warmer months? I think of you often and pray all is well. Your post made me giggle, thank you :)

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  12. Hilarious!
    (A sports bra can hold a LOT of gear ...)