Giving Thanks Friday

This week I am thankful for:

Getting to be a mama to our lovely, now grown, daughter.  She challenges me, encourages me and always loves me.

My own mom and mother-in-law.  Love them both so much.  Thankful for time with each this past week.      

The larger tax refund that comes from being a one income family again.  It's a glass half full kind of blessing : )
A string of several days with temperatures in the 80's (a bit unusual for this time of year here in the PNW) and a chance to get caught up on several outdoor projects.  Which also explains the lack of blog posts...)
The first dessert of the spring made with our fresh rhubarb.  Yum!  
The blooms on the strawberries that mean it won't be long now until plump, juicy berries are being picked.  
The kind gentleman who helped my daughter and I load 5 extra large bags of potting soil from our cart into the trunk.  The poor guy dropped his regular glasses while lifting one bag and then started leaving while his keys and sunglasses were still in my cart. when he was finished.  He might rethink helping next time around - but sure thankful for his help this week.
An early morning breakfast of granola in the garden.  With rain being forecast for the next four days I am savoring each warm morning.          


 What are you thankful for?

May your weekend be filled with wonder, laced with peace and bursting with love...

(Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good: his love endures forever. Psalm 118:1)



  1. What am I thankful for?

    This blog today! What a refreshing ray of sunshine thankfulness brings. Count your blessings, name them one by one, as the song goes.

    Thank you. This was a delight to read.

  2. I think we swapped weather! Cold and rainey here. Love the image of the guy "losing all his stuff" in your cart while helping! Hee-hee! Great post!

  3. *Does the happy dance all over the kitchen surrounded by loads of food and busy pots and pans*

    I am firstly thankful you are HERE! I've missed you, Miss Mindy!
    Secondly thankful for good friend and good food which will be experienced in abundance tonight even if this long weekend isn't the scorcher we had hoped for, lol.
    *hugs* Good to see you, my friend. xo

  4. *friends - all this food isn't just for one person, hahaha!

  5. HI Mindy, your strawberry plants look so healthy, it's going to be berry time soon. Were heading to Oregon for the summer, so looking forward to that......... the weather is already very warm here. Nice to see your post!

  6. You always make me feel so good inside, Mindy. I love your thankfulness list. Joining you in thanks for the weather, for both being a mom and having my mom around, and for rhubarb--just had a piece of strawberry-rhubarb at Perkins this week.

  7. I love your thankful posts! And your blessing for our weekend is so sweet!

  8. I thankful that I could get to your post and see this list. I know that I am reminded there's many things to be thankfulled.


  9. Ahh, granola in the garden sounds amazing.

    Me? I'm thankful for naps with my too big to take naps five-year-old, a bonfire with neighbors, and the quiet which comes with Sunday nights.

    Thanks for letting us peek into your world.

  10. Oh, the first dessert of spring- wish I could share a piece :) I'm thankful for a husband who runs to the store for milk at 10pm on a Sunday night so the kids won't whine about not being able to have cereal in the morning, for a long hike with my girls that began beneath a canopy of ancient trees and ended at the beach, and for the joy spread wide on my "baby's" face as she mastered her two-wheel bike this weekend. Good for the soul- this habit of thanks.

  11. Hello Mindy, what a lovely place you have here. I am thankful for your visit to my place, and as soon as I can get to my computer I will be following you. My phone does not allow me to follow.
    There is much to be thankful for, the list could go on.
    My family, home and the beauty of God that surrounds it. Friends who love me and put that love into action. Salvation through Jesus Christ, and the freedom to live for Him. The community in blogging, such dear ladies out there, amazing! So happy to have met you.
    Joy! Debbie