What I learned in November

This November I learned:


If distraction were a kingdom I could be its queen.
(Seriously! )

The tip from Better Homes and Gardens on Pinterest about using olive oil to polish stainless steel works great.
  *In a related note to the above, our daughter and son-in-law's dog will lick it right off your refrigerator doors. 

Burger King's Satisfries don't really satisfy.  Maybe it was just the batch we got but I ate part of one fry and my husband ate part of another and we both thought they had a chemical taste to them.  We threw the rest out.

   *In a related note to the above, I also discovered it is a good way to keep from eating french fries.


Even though I had to wait almost two years to get them again, the chocolate covered macadamia nuts my parents brought from Hawaii were worth the wait - yum! 
(Wish I could share with you all)

Morning exercise just makes you feel better all day long.  Okay, I already knew this, but I get off track , (see #1 above) and have to  learn this over and over again.  It is also a good way to work off the 2 (or 5) chocolate covered macadamia nuts you may or may not have eaten.


We have such a diverse array of personalities in our extended family yet we do a pretty good job coming together and appreciating each other.

I am more than happy to stay home in my fleece pants and comfy slippers on Black Friday.
(I will hold out until Cyber Monday, thank-you)    

No matter how many songs of praise were sung,
 or prayers of thanks were offered,
this month of November,
they will never be enough...   

All photos courtesy http://www.123rf.com/



  1. I laughed right out loud when I read this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amen to the Distraction Kingdom! I just might be in the castle somewhere (Jester, perhaps?). I am going to try to olive oil on my stainless steel! Happy shopping on cyber Monday!

  3. Good stuff - I also spent Black Friday NOT in stores. It was lovely. And I've finished most of my Christmas shopping online anyway. :)

  4. Like Pam, I laughed out loud when I read this, Mindy. You have that unique ability in your writing to blend the meaningful moments with the humorous and it's fabulous.
    I did not join the shopping crowds either - can't think of anything worse. Thanks for the giggles, my friend.

  5. Hi Mindy! You like the chocolate macadamias, and I love the Fannie May Turtles. Yum!
    I am aiming for a better exercise regimen this month, I also learned last month that avoiding that is not a good idea. My husband and daughter ventured out on Black Friday and said the lines were not that bad, but they went in the morning.
    Any day that involves home and comfy pants is a winner in my book! Loved your sense of humor :)