Because tomorrow we will be giving thanks around the table with loved ones I am offering my thanks here today.  I am thankful:

  • that we live in a country where we have the freedom to express our thanks to God openly, honestly and as often as we wish.

  • we survived this year of trials and challenges and, though we don't fully understand it all, we came out stronger in the end.

  • for family near and far, for their love and strength in good times and bad.

  • for a niece's life saved, a second chance at renewal and hope for life anew.

  • the kindness of strangers.

  • a church body that loves and gives equally.

  • love, grace, and peace granted to us liberally.

...that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.  Ps. 30:12 NLT

To those of you who join me here in this space where we stive to find beauty in the ordinary and blessing in the extraordinary, a special thank you.  Whether you read and comment on every post, read but never comment, read occasionally, visit rarely or for the first time, (or you are family and feel obligated haha ), I am blessed beyond measure that you share of your time and of yourself with me.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

I am thankful, God, for this life you have given me. 



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Mindy! I, too, love the blessings that blogging brings.

  2. Hi Mindy! Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I am so happy for our blog-friendship. You were one of my first members, and I'll never forget your kindness and support.
    Have a wonderful holiday :)

  3. There is always so much to be thankful for.
    I knew you have a thankful heart
    and may blessings abound in your life.

  4. I am thankful every day for my friendship with you, Mindy. You truly have made an impact on my life. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.


  5. Oh, I'm giggling still at your self-declared throne. If you're the Queen of distraction, I'll have to claim the title of the Queen of chaos. I so enjoy your lens on life! Always a gift to linger here-