The Ripple Effect

Rain drops fall softly, skyward down, forming a slow dance across the water like a Strauss waltz.  As each drop touches the surface, a circle forms around it reverberating outward and scarcely dissipating before another begins.  One drop, and then another, until a symphonic dance appears across the surface of the tiny pond. 

One drop or many, slow dance or fast, each drop has an instant impact upon the water's surface creating a ripple effect, a lasting touch of beauty.  One drop at a time we can make a difference in our corner of this world.  Each effort we make in love will produce a ripple effect that extends as the one we touch touches another.
We drink deeply and must pour out freely.  Drop by drop, as we allow God to pour through us, the dry and thirsty will overflow with His love and the ripple effect will continue.
It starts with just a single drop ~ and soon friends, we are dancing in His rain.

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  1. Mindy,

    So glad you shared your beautiful reflection with us at #TellHisStory. I'm feeling your "ripple," clear from the rural Pacific Northwest all the way over in rural Iowa!

    Take care, sweet Mindy.

  2. Simply beautiful, Mindy. I'm thinking that your blog is beginning to have the makings of an inspirational book.
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  3. Hi Mindy! What a beautiful image and reflection (no pun intended there!). I hope that we all can be ripples for God. You sure are! I wish I could sit by this photo all day.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Dance on, my sister. :)

  5. "We drink deeply and must pour out freely."

    Love that line in particular. And the fact that God does work in this way, through the tiniest ripples he can send a strong message of love.

  6. Beautiful as always! Did you get a blog makeover? Lookin' good! :)

  7. This was absolutely beautiful, Mindy! I loved what you had to say and appreciate your wise words - thank you. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs.

  8. Beautiful writing, Mindy. "Drink deeply and pour out freely" is how I want to live.

  9. and today in this cloud, I will do my best to dance xoxo

  10. oh so beautiful. needed this reminder today!