Giving Thanks Friday

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This week I am thankful for:

Strong arms. My husband has been toiling away each evening, after he gets home from work, on our new greenhouse project. I am so excited to start some seedlings next spring and perhaps drink my tea in the garden even when it is raining outside.

Times of refreshing.  In the midst of a busy summer I love when we just have down time, with nothing on the agenda, to relax, refresh and renew ~ heart, mind, body and soul. 

A steaming pot of homemade vegetable soup on a cool summer evening.  Paired with some whole grain bread, it is a dinner favorite of mine.  

My new desk chair.  Trying to be more purposeful in my buying (AND the fact that I have a hard time making up my mind...) I chose to wait and not buy the chair I thought I wanted until I came home, looked at the space once again and made sure.  Since it was at a discount store I was really unsure if it would still be there a few days later - but it was, in the same spot I left it, just waiting there for me.  Now at home, it is a good fit for the office and for me : )  

Second chances. So many times I fail, yet each day God brings new opportunity to start fresh again. His grace never ceases to amaze me!      

What are you thankful for?

May your weekend be filled with many reasons to give thanks!

(Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good: his love endures forever. Psalm 118:1)



  1. Hi dear Mindy! Thank you for your precious comments on my blog - they are always a blessing to me.

    I hope your weekend was lovely and you enjoyed your Sunday.

    I am thankful for the missionaries to France that were in my church today. I was so blessed by the slides and morning message.
    I am thankful for eyesight and being able to see God's creation.
    I am thankful for hearing and the joy of listening to my husband and son say, "I love you!"

    Blessings to you, sweet friend! Hugs!

    1. Oh, I always love hearing missionary stories!

  2. Hi Mindy! I can totally relate to your new desk chair! I had to go out and buy a booster for my chair, because I was getting a neck ache looking at the computer screen. Yikes. Maybe I'm shrinking! LOL!

    I am thankful for my booster seat, rain, dinner with my brother and his family yesterday, and SMORES!

    Happy Monday!

    1. Mmmm smores are wonderful! Thanks so much for reading : )

  3. I am thankful for another long weekend and a chance to spend it camping with family. I'm also thankful that the weather held up for the most part.

    Mindy, tea in the garden when it's raining outside sounds heavenly! You must share some pics of your beautiful greenhouse when it's done.

    Thanks for your continued supportive words on my blog, my friend. It means so much!

    1. I will definitely share some pictures. It's about halfway done now!