The Dirt


It's been a long but satisfying day in the garden and dusty arms bear the evidence in countless scrapes and scratches.  Tending a garden is labor intensive.  I am wet for there is the essential job of watering by hose or by can, for unless the Heaven's provide the drink it's up to you and it often spills over.  I am smelly for scooping out the fertilizer, rich in color and strong in odor, is a boost that sends the plants on to produce their finest, most plump fruits, and some of it has clung to me.  I am sweaty for it's a sweaty, dirty job keeping up with those weeds, lest they take over and choke out the goodness you are trying to produce, and the dirt flies my way as I pull.  There is hoeing and raking, thinning and pruning and hauling.  I wear gloves but the dirt seeps in despite them.  I have learned to love the smell of dirt, to roll up my sleeves and savor it, because come harvest time, the reward is more than worth the effort required.     
I do a lot of my best thinking and communing with God in the garden.  It is quiet and not rushed.  My busy hands free my cluttered mind and I listen.  I am reminded today that relationships require a work that is similarily labor intensive to that of a garden.  Relationships, whether spousal, family, friend, neighbor or co-worker, require upkeep and nuture.  They need watening, and fertilizing and weeding even.  It takes an effort to keep them healty, an effort that can be messy, sweaty and dirty even - an intense labor of love
that is rich in reward. 

There is beauty to be found in the process of gardening as well as the result.  A little effort goes a long way toward reaping healthy plants, healthy people, healthy relationships...and I am ready to get dirty.



  1. Beautiful :) Whenever I work in the garden I tend to think about the deep roots of the weeds that I'm pulling up and how sin is like that in my life. When I allow something against God into my life than it takes root and hinders my relationship with Him. Anyway, it is always a joy to work with the flowers and to smell like dirt :)

    Hugs to you!

  2. So true! Loved this garden-y post!
    I've always heard His whispers out there in the garden, too. He teaches us
    at the most opportune times, I think!


  3. Lovely, Mindy! There is something about digging your hands into the earth that brings you closer to God, no doubt. I also find it Him when I'm hiking in the mountains or on the boat with the whole wide ocean in front of me. It takes your breath away sometimes.
    Thank you.


    1. His creation is amazing and being in it always draws me in...
      Always thankful when you visit Robyn : )

  4. So true, what you say about gardening. I always feel closest to Him when I work in with His creation! Amen to getting dirty.

  5. Hi Mindy! I hope we are all ready to 'get dirty'! I love that analogy. And life is hard work, but the pay-offs in friendships and family well loved is so great. Not to mention our love for Jesus :)

    Great post!

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Definitely Ceil! Thank you for stopping by.