It was a dark and stormy night...

(cute Valentine wreath made by our crafty daughter Bethany - too bad it's hanging on her door and not ours)
My husband and I were married on February 14th, Valentines day.  Our first official date was on February 28th four years earlier so the month was special to us both.  My husband actually suggested it first (a mushy fact he will now deny).  Valentine's day can get a (often deserved) bad rap but when it's your anniversary you can't help but feel the love people!

Through the years we have celebrated by going out for dinner and or movies, spent the day browsing antique shops, staying in for a cozy dinner (one year with our young daughter as waitress - such fun!) and some great overnight trips.  

One of our early anniversary trips was celebrated at the beach.  I had my things laid out to pack and while I dressed my husband said he would put them in our bag for me.  He loaded things into the car and off we went.  As we set out the weather was drizzly but that was nothing new for the Pacific Northwest.  The further toward the coast we got that day though the more windy and rainy the weather became.  By the time we reached our destination it was full on stormy weather.  Huge sideways raindrops and oh, the wind!  

We parked, took deep breaths, and made a run for the doors of our (very nice because it was our anniversary) hotel.  We literally blew in to the lobby where a wedding party, appropriately decked out in their finest, had gathered.  We arrived soaking wet, in our very casual weekend attire with my beloved husband holding our bag - a PAPER bag!!  He thought we didn't need our suitcase for just a weekend so he had "packed" our belongings in what he thought was good enough. 

I was young and a little embarassed but even then we had to giggle.  Thankfully it was a large bridal party and after a few strange glances our way they placed their focus back on the bride and groom where it should have been.  All these years later we find it wonderfully hilarious!  The storm actually became pretty severe that night and the whole town ended up losing electricity.  We were more than cozy inside with a beautiful view of the stormy sea and hearts full of love.  It was a great time away and an even greater memory.  Loved that man then and love that man still.

Happy Anniversary to us and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


PS:  In case you are wondering, our anniversary trips now include real luggage (smile)...  




  1. What a funny story! It's those times that are just great to look back and laugh about!

    Happy anniversary and happy valentine's day!

  2. Love it! Love the paper bag--what a sweet memory.

  3. Happy Anniversary sweet friend!! May God bless you with many more fun memories together.
    PS. Love Bethany's wreath!!

    1. Thank you and God bless you right back friend! I will pass on your sweet comment to Bethany too.

  4. That story is the best kind - both funny and sweet. I love a good storm in the Pacific Northwest, they can be very romantic. Some say Valentine's Day is commericialized but I still believe it's a great because everyone is happy and it truly does give us a chance to reflect upon and cherish the ones we love. Happy Anniversary, Mindy.