Love notes

Feeling a bit like a secret agent from a television program and armed with inspiration from Layla at The Lettered Cottage,  here and here, I set out on Operation "Simple, with a hearty side of significance".  It's all about sharing the love through simple notes of appreciation. 
I decided to start local for this project and my first note led me to my own mailbox.  Our rural mail carriers always do their job, whether driving in the sunshine or rain, delivering junk mail or a special package, with a smile and I really appreciate them.  I decided a little note (with a couple fresh baked brownies attached) would work.


Next up, the little country church just up the road from us.  They have made a difference along our country lane with everything from helping a gentleman in need (by doing yard work and painting his house), to hosting a yearly community Harvest Dinner, to touching the world by having bake sales to raise funds for famine relief.  An anonymous note of appreciation went to them.



Lastly, our little volunteer community fire station received a note on their door.  I am always thankful for those who risk their own safety to protect ours and the fact that they do this for free brings tears to my eyes.  They don't receive enough appreciation for what they do.


This project has been such fun that I am not ready to make it a one time event (though I am not sure I will share more here).  I already have some random notes prepared to take other places.  Thank you for the inspiration Layla!  I love how we set out to bless someone and we end up getting blessed too.  Feel free to join the movement and show some love.

UPDATE:  The sweet note the mailman put in our box this afternoon.




  1. What a sweet idea!! I love that the mailman wrote back :)
    I'm encouraged to try the same...thank you for sharing your kind notes.

    1. It was fun to get his response. Have fun with your notes!

  2. Oh, I love that idea! I'm going to get to work on doing something similiar and I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the inspiration, Minday.

  3. I love it! I seriously considered giving our mail carrier a Christmas gift, but never got it together...but now I might just do it for fun. Love the photos, too, that church is amazing. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  4. Abby, Obviously I did not get myself together at Christmas either (grin), but maybe they were overwhelmed with treats and will appreciate it more now. The church is truly a one room gem complete with wooden pews, wooden floors and warm hearts.