Hold tight

Three flights of marble steps with intricately designed side pieces topped by polished wooden rales. 
A walk I have made too many times lately. 
Three hearts sworn in, speaking truth and love, before a man in black robes seated a level higher. 
Voices rise and voices fall.   
And with every breath in and every breath out a prayer for mercy.
A weary group of loved ones watch a ticking clock as the minutes slip away. 
A door creaks open.
A decision made.    
On one side an anxious Mom representing herself.  On the other a smug dad with a well suited attorney.
Not unlike David and Goliath. 
And today?  Goliath is victorious.  A little blonde third grader wonders why her world is turned upside down.  I wonder right along with her.
And my heart aches. 
The fact that we live in a fallen world is played out before me in real time.  The stench of untruths fill the air.  I feel a grief not unlike a funeral. 
But I have Hope. 
I am holding it so tight in my hands that it may burst forth. 
Man may have meant this for evil but God means it for good. 
Not a temporary good but a forever good. 
I am weak but God is strong in me. 
My foundation is firm. 
My faith intact. 
My Hope held tight.
So I pray for the Mommy that she will hold tight to Hope too, that she will have peace where there should be none.  I pray for the little one, that God will watch over her, that she will be safe and feel loved.  I beg that lives will be turned, and tuned, and renewed. 
And I cry hard tears. 
And I hold tight…to Hope.     




  1. I pray that God helps you through....

    1. Thanks so much friend. God has a plan for their lives and I am trusting in it.