The ugly transformed

We awoke to a heavy dusting of snow this morning, nothing to be measured in inches.  Just enough to blanket the ugly in a robe of wintery white.  The last of the weeds poking through the earth that didn’t get pulled before winter set in.  The downed branches and clutter from the days before windstorm.  The fast food trash carelessly tossed from someone’s window and laying beside the road. 


A covering of white. 


The ugly transformed.


Our nation has seen a lot of ugly lately.  Ugly that cannot be easily explained.  Hearts broken, lives forever altered, questions unanswered, tears shed and so much gut wrenching grief. 


It has not went unnoticed that this ugliness has come during the season in which we celebrate the birth of Christ.  The surroundings had turned ugly at that time too.  People in need of hope then.  People in need of hope now.  And that is why He came.


Jesus takes our ugly and transforms us through His love, His sacrifice.  He mends broken hearts and renews lives.  Takes what is meant for evil and makes good.  Brings beauty from ashes.  Turns mourning to joy.     


A covering of white.


The ugly transformed. 
As we continue to pray we can give of our transformed hearts by sharing hope and healing:
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  1. Today I read about the transformation that is taking place across the planet. All across the globe, people are making the effort to show love and compassion towards their fellow human beings. All we can hope for at this point is that good comes from tragedy. Hugs.

  2. What a beautiful collection of words :) Evil for good and beauty from ashes..yes, that's the business HE is in. Weeping may remain for the night but joy comes in the morning. Thank God this is only our temporary home.

  3. Thank you - for the post and for the address!



    1. You're welcome! Sending my card off this morning.

  4. This is so beautiful Mindy... what a wonderful analogy and so very true... so thankful for our Savior!!

  5. Yes, Mindy. Too much ugly lately...true. Amazing to think God can quickly cover it all with his white and it transforms everything instantly.

    Merry, merry Christmas.