The unexpected


One thing I have learned living in the country is to expect the unexpected. 
We may find the river has flooded the bridge across the river or the creek has washed out the main road to the forest.  We lose electricity for the umpteenth time which renders our pump useless and we are also without water.
There are rock slides and mud slides.    
There are groups of mountain bikers and vehicles of hikers looking for directions to nearby trails and knocks on the door in the middle of the night from those who have gotten their vehicles stuck in the woods.
There are kids selling fresh picked berries or just caught fish at all hours of the day or night.    
There are escaped cows, horses and chickens as well as the occasional escaped prisoner from the Department of Natural Resource work crews. 
There are tractors driving slow, pickups driving fast and ATV’s driving crazy.  There are riders atop horses and even those who text and ride! 
We hear cougars and coyotes who rarely show their faces.  We hear country, gospel, rock and mariachi.        
We see squirrels, deer, pheasants, geese and ducks.  Occasionally we see a bobcat or black bear.
And yesterday these fine Toms paid our neighborhood a visit.
I love the country life…    



  1. Sounds like a great life! I am particularly envious of fresh berries and fish. :)

    1. The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of both. We are blessed!

  2. LOL- too cute! I love the country..I miss it so much!

  3. Thanks. Traveling through the city traffic over the weekend confirmed it - I am a country girl through and through!