Paul the Peacock

I received an e-mail “forward” today asking if I have ever seen a peacock in full flight.  They went on to share a few pictures and tell of the beauty and majesty of these birds.  

I have to tell you I know this to be true from personal experience.  I HAVE seen a peacock in full flight.  Just across the river from us is a house that keeps peacocks.  I have learned to watch carefully as I pass by this place because they tend to hide in the ditch looking for bugs in the gravel and have been known to wander into the road.


One day I thought I saw movement in the ditch to I slowed up a little and one FLEW up and across my car so close to the windshield that I thought for sure feathers would fly as I pressed hard on the brakes. Fortunately, for both him and I, it did make it past the windshield and out of harm’s way -but I sure got a scare.  Before I started onward I noticed a second peacock in the ditch and let it fly past also.  Such an unexpected event in my day.  Now I watch for wandering AND flying peacocks!

One of those same birds, a few years earlier, had somehow made its way over to our side of the river and proceeded to make itself at home in our yard where it would “nest” beneath one of our trees and search around for what bugs it might find in the grass and garden.   It would often fly up on our roof and sit, tail feathers draping downward toward the back of our house.  It would occasionally wander off but always returned again to search and nest and make his way to the roof.   It did this off and on for a few months.  He was becoming a part of our landscape, an almost pet.  In fact, our daughter named him Paul the Peacock!  We sure had a lot of people slowing up as they passed by our house with that crazy bird on the roof...


After a time either Paul’s owners finally caught up to him (as they had tried and failed previously) or he found a new place to inhabit with his beauty as we never saw him here again.  He left behind great memories along with an assortment of discarded feathers. 
Peacocks are beautiful birds indeed, on the ground or in flight -  though I most definitely prefer viewing them through household windows rather than the windshield of my car!

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