The same

We all see them standing there.  Rumpled clothes with faraway eyes and cardboard signs.  We glance quickly and hope they don’t look back. 


We are curious but unsure.  We wonder who they are and how they got to this place.  We think they need help.  We think they need hope.  We forget they need love.    


The light turns green and we are on our way.  We go back to our cozy lives.  They remain.  We pretend we are so different.  We are not. 


I pass by a homeless man today and with an empty wallet all I have to offer is my half drank iced tea which I choose to keep.  What I do share is eye contact and a smile, which he returns in kind. 

                                                   image via Pinterest                                                         


Two fragile human beings, full of our own weaknesses and flaws, created in God’s likeness.  We are the same.  And that's how God loves us both...the same.



  1. Mindy....I admire you with the eye contact....I cannot bring myself to heart's too full of my own selfish needs, wants, desires....if I look at the person standing at the corner, I'm afraid it will evoke me to do something more...afterall, I drive past the same people day after day, with their self-designated corners....they are regulars there I think.

    So I pray God help them...and I give to the Salvation Army...I give to the Union Gospel Mission...I help at the clothing bank...I donate food.

    But eye contact?....not sure I am ready for that! Transparently yours...Carey

  2. I love your transparent and giving heart! God has challenged my heart by reminding me we are all created in His image and He is no respector of persons. Each of those standing on the corner is someone's child, father, mother, brother, sister or even grandparent. Their life, however broken, matters. So, for now, I try (and sometimes fail) to make eye contact and say, in some tiny form, I see you. You matter. I too have struggles.

    It's a small step for some but a big one for me...